In Singapore, Online Shopping will Soon be Mostly Mobile

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This week: In Singapore, Online Shopping will Soon be Mostly Mobile, The Hong Kong Online Grocery Startup that Wants to be a Super App and Indian’s ATM Industry Struggles with Steep Compliance Costs

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I am looking for recommendations of 3P Warehouse in USA in the LA area reliable, efficient , with good support and with experience with Amazon Sellers as customers.

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Numerous merchants choose FraudLabs Pro’s system because it grants a revealing fraud tool that enhances the business’ efficiency through a simple, but an integrated platform which can help you to examine all your online activities and transactions quickly. 

FraudLabs Pro: Ensuring that your business is protected from internet scams or fraud


Business News From Around Asia

In Singapore, Online Shopping will Soon be Mostly Mobile
By next year, more than half of Singapore’s online shoppers will be making purchases on their phones and iPads – four years ahead of the global average. In 2019, 52 percent of online shoppers in Singapore will be on mobile devices, shows data from a new Worldpay report.

The Hong Kong Online Grocery Startup that Wants to be a Super App
Hong Kong is a very unique market. Every district has a different culture. Ling would like to build a true ecosystem, and an online grocery platform is just their starting point.

Indian’s ATM Industry Struggles with Steep Compliance Costs
Tighter compliance requirements aimed at enhancing the security standards of the ATM industry in India is set to weigh heavily on operators profits, prompting a industry body to raise concern that half of the existing ATMs in the country may close down by March 2019, reports The Japan Times. 

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This week’s podcast

Join us with Isabel Sum as she shared a bit background of her family coffee business.

Growing a Coffee Brand in China with Isabel Sum

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Alipay is a third-party mobile and online payment platform which belongs to Alibaba Group. At first, it is only an online payment method which can be used on (similar to to do online shopping. Right now, it turned to be a large platform which provides not only payment services, but also movie tickets,

Nick helps companies build or re-build their online sales channels to grow sales, generate efficiency and save cost. 
Video of theWeek
We are interviewing SerpentZA (Winston Sterzel) – China’s first vlogger and an all around amazing guy. He has been keeping up consistent video creation dating back to 2006 in China, riding the filtered Chinese internet enough to keep his subscribers happy and growing his fan base.

Building Up a Youtube Channel From Inside China with Winston Sterzel, SerpentZA

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