Welcome To a New Decade [Some Plans For You]

Dear Readers,

I’ll keep my letter short today.

You’re welcome 😉

First up – Cross Border Summit

So many of you have been excited for the fifth annual Cross Border Summit for 2020 – asking when and where it will be. Save the date – we are moving it out of China. Both because I don’t live there anymore but also the trade war – Chiang Mai, Thailand is the home for CBS2020.

And what is the date?

Save it – Thursday Nov 19 to Friday Nov 20, 2020. With the VIP mastermind on Wednesday Nov 18 and intensive additional paid workshops on Saturday Nov 21, you can get all the learning and networking in a 2, 3, or 4 day environment (if you’re that hardcore!)

We will update you soon, if you’re interested in speaking, sponsoring, or getting on the “don’t let me forget” email list – head on over here:

Next up: More business opportunities

Earlier in December, if you were on our email list you saw we did a “business development” package deal. It has been a pleasure to get to know a select few of you more and I will share some stories in future emails.

What I have realized is over the years at Global From Asia – we have so many amazing contacts spanning borders, with both sides wanting to connect with one another – so expect more business opportunities and business deals to come to your inbox in the new year and decade to come.

More content on Southeast Asia

Basically, more Lazada, more Philippines, more Thailand, more Vietnam content to come in the new year.

Hope you have your seatbelts on, because it will be a wild ride in the new year!

That is what we need to come to expect doing cross-border trade between unstable countries.



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