Happy New Year, GFA “fam” (no, not spamming you with a sales offer)

Global From Asia
December 29, 2022

Dear Global Business Enthusiast,

Here’s my queue – another spam email to say “Happy Holidays and buy my stuff” marketing message.

Nah, you know me by now. While I’ve had business minded partners and friends over the years push me to “make money from the list,” we keep it casual and fun. I do appreciate are our 2 GFA partner sponsors – Mercury and Cross Better Logistics as they keep the costs covered for the production here. So if you have a chance to consider either or both their services during your business adventures, I would appreciate letting them know GFA sent ya!

Our last podcast for 2022 is a fun story and adventure of Riley – I’d say the definition of a modern day digital nomad. He shares how his life was back in America before the migration, and how he has been “livin’ that life” ever since making the change.

He and I both agree, it is NOT too late to change your mindset and your lifestyle. And no, not selling you some drop ship course with a lambo video – you can do it just by taking action and making daily progress.

Check out the show, and enjoy the last couple days of 2022. I am sure for many of us – we are happy to be rid of this year and feel 2023 may be a “semi back to normal” year post pandemic.

Listen to the pod now!
Journey Becoming a Digital Nomad, Ecomm Seller in Asia! with Riley Bennett


Always rooting for your success,

Mike Michelini
December 29, 2022


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