New Year, New Hope: Fireworks Display At Victoria Harbour

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This week: HKFP Lens: Hong Kong’s Glittering Christmas Cityscape, The History Behind Some Iconic Hong Kong Neighbourhoods, and How They’ve Changed and Hongkongers Express Hopes For More Harmonious City, Affordable Housing in 2018
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Business News From Around Asia

It is true – Hong Kong seriously “does it up” for Xmas
Hong Kong’s Glittering Christmas Cityscape
Holidays are over and we’re back to our usual/regular days routine but it doesn’t hurt to look back on the recent holidays. Colorful lights and marvelous Christmas decorations were seen everywhere. Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year!

Will the HK real estate mania continue in 2018?
Still breaking record after record…
Hong Kong private home prices shatter records for 13th straight month

The History Behind Some Iconic Hong Kong Neighbourhoods, and How They’ve Changed
Have you imagined what your city looks like before, or have you just thought that it was never changed? For those people who have witnessed the changes throughout the years, the feeling of nostalgia has been etched into their heart. Some things don’t remain the same but they will always be in someone’s memory.

Hongkongers Express Hopes For More Harmonious City, Affordable Housing in 2018
New year, new hope. Some of HK netizens together with the tourists had gathered at harbourfront to witness the splendid fireworks display at Victoria Harbour in celebration of the new year. As Hongkongers welcome the 2018, many had their hopes up for an amicable living and reasonable housing.


From the Global From Asia Media Desk

This week’s podcast


Happy 2018! This is our first podcast for the new year – and we are bringing you the good stuff as always. This week, we bring to you Josh Ruskin, from SF Express. I first met him in 2016 at our first Cross Border Summit and it was a pleasure to get to know him. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge on logistics and cross-border e-commerce into China as well as outside. We even slipped in some examples of companies doing great things importing into China.

Bridging Borders Between China and International Markets using Logistics with Josh Ruskin of SF Express




This week’s blog post

In today’s article, we bring to you a co-founder of our Amazon FBA business Para Living Inc, Lorenzo, to share a real live report he wrote up after visiting one of our top factory picks for the brand. This supplier report is extremely detailed, our team was thoroughly impressed and we want to share this with readers at GFA to understand the importance of a factory visit and documenting.

Documenting Your Chinese Factory Visit: Example Supplier Status Report


Currently selling online? If you’re setting up your own webshop, you may be using drop ship strategies direct from China. In this workshop, dive deep into how to get setup with drop shipping, various options for streamlining the process, sources, and marketing tactics to drive sales and grow your ecommerce business with dropship.
Let’s meet this coming January 13, 2017 at 2pm to 5pm as we hold our workshop in Bspot, Eton Cyberpod Corinthian, Ortigas Avenue, Brgy. Ugong Norte, Quezon City, Philippines!
Workshop: Dropship from China Strategies and Options

This is a way to connect quality service providers in Asia with companies around the world. Over the years hosting the podcast and running our blog, we have seen so many business owners pulling their hair out trying to find the right service provider in China, Hong Kong, and other parts of Asia to tap into the market. This GFA Market is our answer – we want to connect you directly to our network, and allow smooth and safe business transactions to be placed here. It is our way to put buyers (Western business owners) and sellers (Asia focused service providers) together to go “Global From Asia”.


Hong Kong is a financial capital of the world and a leader in Asia. You will almost never have trouble finding a position opening for finance in Hong Kong, as well as other parts of Asia. Almost all finance companies in the world have an office in HK, and if you have experience in your home country working in financial markets you should be able to apply that experience to get an job opening in Hong Kong.
This week, we feature Jack Peng, the CEO of YunExpress. Jack is also the founder of for cross border ecommerce business since 2009. Established in 2014, YunExpress developed dramatically and now become one of the largest logistics company in China. It’s because Jack’s background of being ecommerce seller in the passing years, so Yunexpress know what service that merchants need and keep designing the best logistics solutions for crossborder ecommerce field.

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