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This week: Wrapping up this week’s GFA pulse from the cross-border bus. Been also having amazing calls with applicants for our new ecommerce venture startup.

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Business News From Around Asia

It’s amazing how the Internet has changed the world from the last 2 decades, but you know what’s more amazing? This 82 year old app designer! She’s Masako Wakamiya from Japan, who was once a Bank Clerk way back in 1990. She got her way around the Internet after she retired from the corporate world, and then studied coding only by herself. Can she be any cooler?

One of Masako Wakamiya’s famous app was called Hinadan or “the doll staircase”. Luckily enough, Apple noticed Wakamiya’s skills and has invited her to their Worldwide Developers Conference. Truly, this woman is a real inspiration, learning doesn’t end at a certain age as well as acquiring new skills.

Better watch out how much money you guys withdraw from Chinese UnionPay cards
Via Andre Martin 

Corner Cutting Is Real, all too real
Chabuduo! Close enough …
Your balcony fell off? Chabuduo. Vaccines are overheated? Chabuduo. How China became the land of disastrous corner-cutting
Via Andre Martin

I’m watching this fintech startup closely – anyone else use them (Neat)?
This local card provider targets exactly us who have problems without a local bank account.
Via Andre Martin

Hard Working Kid Gone Viral
Meanwhile, here’s a 12 year old kid in China who has touched thousands of hearts of the netizens. This kid is Hu Zhibo. Most of the kids spend their summer vacation with various things such as extracurricular activities, vacations, playing and whatnot, but Hu Zhibo spent his summer vacation this year in a different way – by being a relief volunteer! I mean, this is pretty admirable for a 12 year old kid. This kid spends 10 hours a day helping in transportation of goods and building up barriers in the province of Shaanxi. One Weibo user apparently noticed the kid, took pictures of him and uploaded it online, and netizens were touched by the kid’s dedication and hardwork. This world needs more of Hu Zhibo – helping people doesn’t require anything but compassion and care for each other.

Robocop in real life? Legal robots deployed in China to help decide thousands of cases
Yearly, technology surprises us with new inventions such as 3D printers, wearable flying cameras, phone-charging wallets, but today, it’s the Legal Robots. Basically, what these robots do is help decide in sentencing, they review documents, identify problems with cases and generate arrest warrants. This sounds interesting, could robots be the future cops? What could be next? Flying cars? Invisibility cloaks? Hmm.

And to end with a joke, or is this for real?
Honestly hope it is fake news….:
Hangzhou seafood restaurant offers discounts to female diners based on the size of their breasts
Via Andre Martin

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

Part 2 of manufacturing knowledge overload!
We invited an Amazon Marketing Expert, Chris Oliva, to educate us regarding the manufacturing and mass production in China. Tune in as he shares his insights and experiences of trade in China.

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