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This week: Reduce Maximum Working Hours of Hong Kong Bus Drivers, Union Says After Fatal Kowloon Crash, Cathay Pacific Offers Free Hong Kong Attractions on Stopovers, A Quick Guide to Hong Kong and More than 100 Volunteers Clean Beach in Shek O for Hong Kong Pollution Awareness Campaign

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Reduce Maximum Working Hours of Hong Kong Bus Drivers, Union Says After Fatal Kowloon Crash
Long working hours has said to be the reason of why the accident happened. Bus drivers fought for their right to reduce the hours of work for them to get enough rest.

Cathay Pacific Offers Free Hong Kong Attractions on Stopovers
A great news for travel enthusiasts! Cathay Pacific has freebies on those who will book a flight with them to Hong Kong. Check out on how to avail!

A Quick Guide to Hong Kong
Helpful guide for readers who love to travel. Hong Kong is known as the world’s fourth most densely populated country, despite that fact, travelers still would like to explore the beauty of Hong Kong for it has lots of scenic views.

More than 100 Volunteers Clean Beach in Shek O for Hong Kong Pollution Awareness Campaign
European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macau and the Italian Chamber of Commerce had organized a clean-up drive which was participated by hundreds of volunteers. Amazing things will be accomplished when we work together.

Forget Taxes: What if Estonia Made More Money Selling Services?
Estonia may pursue bitcoin issuance and make more money selling reservoirs than through coercive taxation, Estonian e-residency is the first step.

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This week’s podcast

This week’s show, we are talking about Mike Michelini’s experience and a broad overview of cross-border e-commerce more on the export side. He did this as a presentation at our Global From Asia Shanghai meetup. He shares some of the insights and the history of how cross-border e-commerce came to be and some perspectives being involved in the industry and watching it over the years from a China angle.

What is Cross Border E-commerce with Mike Michelini

This week’s blog post

You may be wondering what is happening here at Global From Asia. We are growing super fast and pushing the limits. Something I recommend all business owners and entrepreneurs to do, it is a good test of your willpower.

What’s Been Happening at Global From Asia

Join us for our fourth GFA Meetup in Saigon, Vietnam today at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm! We bring you internet marketing topics that will keep you on top of your game with online business and standing out from the crowd. Event is for free!

What I Learned from Overseeing 9 Large Data Studies for a Forbes Top 10 Global Markter

Jasmine, a freelance Chinese-English Translator based in Shenzhen with over 10 years experience, can help you with sourcing ,setting appointment with manufactures, follow up your order, arrange shipping, etc.

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Join an international start-up with a young team & experienced professional partners who LOVE getting things done and not only work hard together but also celebrate hard together.

How do you maintain friendships, especially when on the other side of the globe? How does one keep on top of their friends and family from the other side of the globe? Unfortunately, it seems that time and distance does put a pretty big challenge on keeping in touch.
Mike is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Truly Scaled Limited. He loves to cook and he’s also into sports. Truly Scaled Limited was founded in August 2013. It is a media company that provides an end-to-end solution designed to captivate an international audience. They have you covered from content globalization to IT infrastructure for your business.

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