Newsletter April 17 2019

A Few Amazing Things Happening

Life is so rich and so amazing, isn’t it?

Here at Global From Asia, we think so – and today’s newsletter I really couldn’t pick just one topic to share with you – so am going with all three. Maybe you can tell me which one you think is the most exciting!?

First, those following our updates here on the Global From Asia bootcamp – we are connecting one of our more popular confirmed instructors – Davide Nicolucci – an expert growth hacker on Amazon as well as off. He came on the podcast to share how working for a top Chinese Amazon FBA seller changed his life – and we also discuss his bootcamp workshops during the interview

Check it out here

I’m really happy to say our friends at have come on board to support Global From Asia as a sponsor. I use them to pay suppliers in China, our team in Philippines, and various expenses in Thailand. They are a cross border payment company for HK based businesses – free to signup and super helpful customer support team – check them out and read our review on the GFA reviews site here

Our GFA supporter Carol Zurita is putting together an event during this Canton Fair season called “ePack. “ It is next week on April 25 and if you’re around for the Canton Fair it seems a great chance to learn and network

Ok, I said 3 – but let me sneak in a fourth for a friend:
Another amazing GFA support, Chris Davey, has his regular FBA4U Canton Fair meetups for the trade show season. Free for sellers, it is on April 25 and May – check them out and register here.

On a final note, it is one of the first times in 10 years I haven’t been in China during the trade show season. Also we moved our Cross Border Summit to Oct 22-23 in Guangzhou – so stay tuned for that – it is our highlight of the year.

Onwards and upwards,


Michael Michelini

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