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This week: Jack Ma in America, 10 China facts, livestreaming ban and more

Writing this week’s pulse from Vietnam! First time to visit, it’s really becoming a major hub for our readers and glad I made it out here to see the booming scene.

I was at the TechCrunch Event last week and when I was telling someone about what we do. He asked me why is it called Global From Asia and not “Global From China”?! Yes, a good question. I bet it will definitely make our show rank higher in terms of organic search. Also, I tell you guys more China and HK news over from other Asian countries. While I love China, I don’t feel like we need to change our brand name to “Global From China” as the dude suggested (sorry, man).

For some reason, our beloved community will still be Global From Asia. At least, for now!:)

GFA Pulse Number 128

Listening to Jack Ma’s speech has been a quite enjoyable experience for me. He always has something wise to say, either it is about running a business or personal development. Last week he was in Detroit City delivering a speech, which Wall Street Journal titled as “Alibaba’s Jack Ma Heads to Detroit to Impress Entrepreneurs—and Trump”  . One thing Jack Ma said at the conference got me thinking: He said Amazon is a great company but it is an e-commerce company. Alibaba is not an e-commerce company. Its goal is to help every e-commerce company grow bigger and stronger, even small companies to be able to compete with companies like Amazon, Microsoft etc. Love this man’s vision! And he well grasp the idea of what is called as USP( Unique Selling Point). Well done, Mr. Jack Ma. This is what Global From Asia aims to do: build a great community to help small to medium sized e-commerce business owners to learn, build network and achieve big.

Even though have been living here for more than 10 years, it still amazes me how everything in China moves in this incredibly speed. It is one of many reasons to motivate me to work faster and harder. Check out the article:
10 astounding facts to help you understand China today

You might think me as stereotyped, but as many people, when I picture a person who scores 700 out 750 on notorious China College Entry Exam, my first thought will be either he is a nerd, he is pathetic or he is alien. But seems as always, my judgement is far from being right. Zha Zhiyuan, from Guiyang No 1 Middle School, scored a 700 out of 750 in the science major in the Gaokao. reported, “broke the stereotype as i had that top scorers were geeks were all brains and no no looks”. Well, opps, all brains and no no looks, this is harsh.
China’s national exam top scorers grab attention … for their looks, charm and athletic prowess

What Xi Jinping Wants
If I didn’t have a clue about who Xi jinping is, I might think this is a dating article. However, maybe it is not the attempt of the editor to make it look like there is a big conspiracy behind it, I would say why not just let us all be human? I saw it on my bro Jan’s T shirt on Saturday. It just clipped. I love this.

Good thing I’m not too invested in live streaming:
China just banned livestreaming because it’s too hard to censor
Chinese authorities have sent shockwaves through the social media sphere, with a blanket ban on livestreaming across three major online platforms.
Via Andre Martin

Yup, this is why I’m doing “Global From Asia”
Five to 10 Years From Now Asia Won’t Need America: Nomura Q&A
Via Jon Myers

Sometimes you still can find someone beating China in….
Bikini hiring contest for nuclear plant interns gets toxic reaction
Via Andre Martin

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

We are working hard on a new program “Scale By Outsourcing”, massive deep dive into organizing, recruiting, and scaling online teams, stay tuned! If you’re super hardcore, check out the preview here.

This week’s podcast we have Travis Darrow talking about his experience moving back to America after life and career in Asia. Travis Darrow has a ton of experience in Asia and I connected with him so many years ago when Twitter and Foursquare were the coolest social media platforms (yes, that was a long time ago!) Travis has been back to America a couple years now and we got him on the show to share how it feels to go through the reverse culture shock. I’m wondering if this day will happen to me, or I’ll be in Asia until the day I die. I selfishly asked some questions I am curious to know myself, but also feel other listeners considering a move like this would want to know as well. Check it out

This week’s blog, it is a guest post about Insurance Inflation In Key Expat Destinations. Insurance is a big thing so it needs to be well taken care of, it’s how the banks earn their money!

Global From Asia Experts Meetup

More exciting meetups coming up in both June and July. Global From Asia Crew is literally in a meetup now – in Saigon today, 29th June.

We are also going to Rise Conference and host a event there on Wednesday July 12th

On July 13, we also having a e commerce startup demo night in Shenzhen, event details are here

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Want to verify if you factory can actually do what they claim? Insight Quality Services does just that (and more) with this listing on our GFA Market

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Our GFAVIP member, TRNDlabs, is seeking a supply chain operation lead. TRNDlabs is growing faster than ever before! The coming years TRNDlabs aims to continue its meteoric rise. This ambition is fueled by the expansion of the collection with new stylish and innovative products, building their channels globally and providing the best customer service in the world. Apply here

Video of the Week

We were TechCrunch’s media partner at SZ 2017 event. The event was a success with big crowds and quality people. Feel missing out? Check out this video


We are having some of our GFAVIP member’s join in our podcast interview calls and get real interaction with our guests, trying to innovate and give more value to our members.

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