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This week: China loves America, Apply Pay China Battle, 25k magic bra, and more!

I’m calming down after a hyper few weeks on the road and conferences. Met Gary Vee last week (photo was epic) now I am back building the Global From Asia empire and glad to have you here with me. I do appreciate you, thanks for reading.

GFA Pulse Number 131

Who says Chinese and Americans hate each other?
The real situation might be Chinese loves Americans yet Americans seem do not return the feelings.
Ya, I know – Harsh….
Chinese rich are moving abroad and the USA ranks the top one on the destinations they are moving to
Half of China’s rich plan to move overseas
Shanghaiist covered the story as well

Apple is trying very hard to win a pie in competitive e payment system in China. This time, hard discount plus big brands participate in this campaign seems has the potential help Apple to win over some hearts of some Chinese consumers. But personally, I don’t no matter how hard Apple try to fit into the Chinese e payment ecosystem, they still have lots to learn from their peers. Apple unveils promotional campaign to win Chinese consumers to Apple Pay

Some people just have too much money…
A-bra-cadabra! Chinese woman duped into spending US$25,000 on ‘magical’ lingerie
Victim told the high-priced bras and knickers harnessed the ‘power of the volcano’ to make women sexier
Via Andre Martin

Hong Kong Losing to Singapore
When companies seek business opportunities in Asia, Singapore and HK seem like are top two choices to consider. As HK tightens the bank applications and making it is harder for startups to set up their bank account, Singapore seems to be leading it by taking a proactive approach. I am starting to think about in 10 years time , who will win the game? HK or Singapore? Tell me your pick!
And Singapore leading the way again
Singapore licenses first Chinese fintech firm, heating up competition with Hong Kong

I hope my wife Wendy doesn’t hear about this one (I’m pretty slow in my chat apps)
Taiwan woman divorces husband who ignored her messages
Another good one via Andre Martin

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

Our new program, Scale By Outsourcing” has opened up with a public homepage

On this week’s podcast we bring more juicy stuffs regarding Saigon. We have Karl Kangur, an internet marketing guru who is making moves in Saigon Vietnam. I visited his office on the last day of my trip, just before the airport and was able to get some insights on how he came out to Saigon, as well as perspectives on local staff, company set up, and managing teams as well in the internet marketing space, enjoy!

Shortly after the first meetup, we will be having our second Saigon monthly meetup on 27th July! And some more coming up in Shenzhen, Hangzhou,  and Nanjing:
Check it out here:

If you are interested in becoming a local chapter organizer or know more about us: simply drop us a email us at:

This week’s blog we had a closer look at three amazing vibrate cities surrounding Pearl river delta. Check it out

A quick word from my buddy Arash at OrderSpace:
Stop handling your B2B sales the old fashioned way, check out OrderSpace for a modern eCommerce solution that is perfect for Asia based entrepreneurs – check out more details here.
After so many requests from our community members, we are finally having a Facebook marketing for ecommerce meetup and workshop in August. Book and pencil down the date for it!!
Want to verify if you factory can actually do what they claim? Insight Quality Services does just that (and more) with this listing on our GFA Market
Job of The Week

Our GFAVIP member, TRNDlabs, is seeking a supply chain operation lead. TRNDlabs is growing faster than ever before! The coming years TRNDlabs aims to continue its meteoric rise. This ambition is fueled by the expansion of the collection with new stylish and innovative products, building their channels globally and providing the best customer service in the world. Apply here

The Gary Vee and Rise Conference has re-ignited my passion to do what I am doing – to build a platform to help businesses grow a global empire from Asia direct. Seeing all the startups and speakers, and of course a front row seat at Gary Vee’s visit to Startup Grind HK really motivated me.

We are having some of our GFAVIP member’s join in our podcast interview calls and get real interaction with our guests, trying to innovate and give more value to our members.
Join in our membership and start connecting with others today!

Sent July 20, 2017

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