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This week: Authorities Dig Up 300 Tonnes of Dead Pigs in Zhejiang, Hong Kong Getaways for the Girls, Inside Hong Kong’s Chaotic and Lawless Kowloon Walled City, Self-centered, Demanding, Materialistic and Arrogant: How to Steer Clear of the Kong Girls? And The Joys of Po Toi, Island off Hong Kong that’s a Self-contained World of Hikes, Hills, Rocky Headlands and Ruined Houses, and more!

Feel like the Earth is punishing us! Typing this up as a few of our staff in Manila are out of reach due to a Typhoon there, my parents evacuated Florida (to the Carolinas) for a hurricane there, my wife Wendy just told me a typhoon is on its way to Shenzhen now. What is going on? It should make us realize how delicate life really is, and we need to appreciate each and every day we have on this planet. And with that….

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Business News From Around Asia

Authorities Dig Up 300 Tonnes of Dead Pigs in Zhejiang
Pigs are one of the main sources of livelihood. If you invest a healthy food to them and feed them well, surely your piggery business will bloom. Sometimes, unexpected things will happen, pigs are also like humans, they get sick and die. According to the law, dead pigs should be burnt.

Recently, environment officials in Huzhou city in Zhejiang province discovered massive amount of dead pigs buried to the mountains. Who should be held responsible for this scandal?
Via Andre Martin

Also known as the “dark side” – I prefer Kowloon over HK Island!
Inside Hong Kong’s Chaotic and Lawless Kowloon Walled City
Almost all of the countries have at least one disordered city. One of the examples of disorganized city is the Kowloon Walled City, also known as the ‘City of Darkness’, was once thought to be the most densely populated place on earth. It was a well known place for drug dens, gambling and crimes.

It was then demolished by the Hong Kong government in early 90’s and was converted into a beautiful park called Kowloon Walled City Park.

Ouch – steer clear of the “Kong girls” (and I think HK girls are pretty awesome to be honest)
Self-centred, Demanding, Materialistic and Arrogant: How to Steer Clear of the Kong Girls?
Choosing a wife is like deciding your future because you will be spending the rest of your life with that woman and when you’re planning for your future, you need to plan it meticulously. Attitude is one of the most important things that you need to consider. Find someone who brings out the best in you, not the stress in you.

For those ladies who have too much money:
Hong Kong Getaways for the Girls
I fell in love with Hong Kong the moment I landed. I fell in love even more when I explored its beautiful cities and sceneries. I thought I have seen all the beauty that Hong Kong can offer, now – there are hotel packages for the visiting Chinese women!

Scary how dependant we are….
HSBC is Killing My Business, Piece by Piece  –  How to Plan for Your Bank Screwing Up
Building a business is never easy. You need to plan accordingly and choose the best partners. When building a business, you need to have a bank account, where people can send their payments or you can use to pay for your employees. Bank plays a vital role in a company, once it will experience a problem/fall down, your company will be affected as well.
Via Chris Moore

And for some good old fashion travel fun:
The Joys of Po Toi, Island off Hong Kong that’s a Self-contained World of Hikes, Hills, Rocky Headlands and Ruined Houses

Let’s pack our bag and explore the island of Po Toi! Situated in South-east of Hong Kong Island, Po Toi is definitely a place for nature lover and adventurous people who love hiking and sightseeing.

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

This week’s podcast

This week, we are excited to finally get Greg Fisher on the podcast! He is doing amazing things for the hardware community and has also been supportive of the Global From Asia movement, too. Founder of Berkley Source Group and doing great things with the hardware community via Hardware Massive. Greg comes on the GFA podcast to share some tips and strategies for opening up your own factory in China as a foreigner.

The Story of Setting Up a Factory Operation in China with Greg Fisher

This week’s blog post

Thinking of setting up a new Hong Kong company, or a company anywhere for that matter? Maybe you read our Hong Kong registration guide and are ready to start – but wondering if you can do more than 1 business from the same corporation? So how does that work? It’s quite a common question that comes up and deserves a guide post on its own. So, today we will discuss the factors in deciding if you should operate more than 1 business from the same corporate structure. Let’s hit it point by point!

Can You Do More Than 1 Business in a HK Limited?

Global From Asia will be coming to Nanjing on Thursday, September 21st for it’s inaugural meetup. We will be bringing in a speakers in the e-commerce and import/export industries to inform expats and Chinese in Nanjing about international business.

Global From Asia Nanjing Meetup

Build conversion optimised websites that are specifically designed to get more sales, sign ups or enquiries. Russell also designs and implements high converting content marketing strategies that help B2B companies and digital marketing agencies & consultants grow their business and personal brand.

Create 1x Conversion Optimized Website

Want a traditional job working with managing an office or overseeing projects? Administrative jobs in our directory are far and wide reaching.

GFA Job Posts

I believe people are people – we are human beings with skin and bone and some kind of a brain that is supposed to separate us from horses and cows. Yet sometimes I feel like we are more animals than humans, attacking other animals of our own human race because of imaginary lines. And I’m talking on all borders here.
Angelica was given the privilege to interview the man behind agricultural drones, whose business is now being recognized in different countries. This man helped a lot of agricultural businesses by means of his drones. Oswaldo is our second featured member; here’s his story and thoughts from the interview.

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