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This week ivory tusks, fake kidnapping, Ma & Trump, and more.

So my son is up in my wife’s hometown for Chinese New Year – getting a couple weeks off of the rug rat – but honestly missing the hyper dude already and it’s just been a couple days.

Hong Kong’s former leader, Donald Tsang, abused his power

And it’s going out in court now.

As internet filtering gets more popular around the world, awareness picks up Event politicians teaching their people:

Amama Mbabazi, a presidential candidate in Uganda’s 2016 elections referred his followers to use a certain VPN

Now that ivory is banned … what to do?

Should China burn their Ivory stockpiles?

This article doesn’t seem to think so

And all the rest of the news is from Andre Martin ( – normally I just pick a few, but these are all great ones!

Trump says one of China’s most notorious thieves of American IP is a “great, great entrepreneur”

Trump and Jack Ma reactions already coming…

Alibaba’s 1 million American jobs promise isn’t realistic.

Beijing to launch environmental police force

to fight smog! Will it work?

Well, I’m verified,

but I’m used to being tracked…

Have a verified Twitter account? WikiLeaks might track you.

Sorry ladies…

Yes, women can be crazy, (is that PC?) – but mine would never do this…

Chinese Woman kidnaps Herself to Test Boyfriend’s Loyalty

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Very fascinating podcast with Noah Herschman on how Chinese FBA sellers have learned a lot of things from China Taobao, and the differences of mindset of a seller

And the blog, anyone in Shenzhen? Trying to map out the growing amount of coworking spaces here – seems to be popping up more and more finally after years of oversupply in Hong Kong

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Also – if you’re interested in guest posting – we accept ’em – Russell Smith is working on a piece now. We have guidelines and an application here –

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Miles is gone! Shipping him to the cold, cold North of China

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