Newsletter: Did China Just Miscount In The Amount of 2 Spains?

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This week: Population miscount, superstar how to China, HK travel guides, and more

Weather is crazy past few days here, super humid, then raining, hope everyone is staying cool and dry – good things to be 😉

My son Miles is turning 3 years old today (May 25!) and I believe this is true (living with my in-laws!)
Are Chinese grandparents partially responsible for kid’s obesity?
Via Andre Martin

China may have 90 million fewer people than claimed
(that’s twice the size of Spain)
Via Andre Martin

We found a couple great travel guides and reviews of HK this week, below:

10 Reasons Why Every Traveler Should Fall in Love with Asia

“Discover Hong Kong (broken link ) ”
One of the most unique Asian cities I have visited, Hong Kong will thrill your senses with its mix of exoticism and oriental industrialism. With its dual island architecture, immense water way, gloriously lush mountains, bustling culture, Hong Kong will satisfy everyone’s travel palette.

I may need to implement this, hah!
Fancy becoming a superstar in China as a foreigner and earn a fortune, here is how:
Decoding the success of Aamir Khan’s Dangal in China

April was Enter China’s fastest growing month ever and the EC team (including me!) couldn’t be more excited.
Want to see what all the excitement is about? Brinc and Enter China are now one, and there is a joint webinar -Check out the FREE live event where they will teach you how to start and scale your physical product business. Sign up HERE and hurry as seats are limited!

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

This week’s podcast – we have Kevin Chen, founder and CEO of italki .com – an authority marketplace for language learning around the world. He gave me a lot of great tips and advice when I was building up my app startup Social Agent years ago, and is a person who just gives and gives – and today is a perfect example of that with his open sharing on the start, struggles, lessons, and celebrations he has been through building up the world’s top language learning marketplace, – now, let’s take it away Kevin!

This week’s blog post is what a normal day look like for people who live in Shenzhen. In case you are curious, check it out

Global From Asia Experts Meetup

Following the first meet up on 18th, May (we had a great recap with photos here), our next meetup is scheduled for Thursday 29th June in Shenzhen, China.

We are talking to organizers in other cities for their own meetup, interested? Reply and let us know!

Market Listing of the Week

Need supplier verification? A new listing can provide just that from Chinaimportal

Job of The Week

We see a lot of people spamming Wechat groups for job openings, consider adding them in our free job board so we can help promote in our channels – We are now having more than 800 vacancies. Looking for a job or considering your next career move? Except that is awesome, it is free too!! So what are you waiting for?!!! Sign up for it today: (sorry the link was broken last week!)

Video of the Week

Becoming a parent has changed my life – I know my friends that have kids always say it, and its true!


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