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This week: Citibank HK fees, RMB in the 5, glass bathrooms, and more.

The first live chat show went on last Thursday – thanks to those for tuning in. It was a learning process, I’ll try again today – from my wife’s hometown up in North China (let’s hope the internet lasts) on at 9pm again

So why am I up in Shenyang, China? It’s China National week holiday (Golden Week) – and the whole country is shut down for the most part, so getting my fill of family and food here! Singapore is taking a lot of effort to get more Chinese tourists there and buying.

Right after the holiday I will head to Bangkok for the DCBKK event, hope to catch some of you there!

Now back to the news:

Citibank HK is raising the account fees for international personal banking (defined as anyone who has a non-HK address on their bank account) to 400 HKD per month, irrespective of balance in the account. The only way to avoid fees is to upgrade to Citibank Gold.
via Stefan Maescher

Are we still at the early stages of Chinese buying overseas properties?
This Guardian article says there is a lot more buying and investing yet to come

The Chinese Yuan (renminbi) has become one of five global reserve currencies this past Saturday and this Bloomberg article talks about the history of the currency to get to this magic milestone.

Don’t buy iPhone 7, or you’re fired‘, Chinese hospital staff warned
via Andre Martin

Glass loos with a view open in China – China’s recent obsession with glass tourist attractions has gone round the U-bend with the opening of some see-through treetop public toilets. BBC News
via Andre Martin

Hackathon on the the Hong Kong MTR? Take a look at @startupshk’s Tweet:
via Andre Martin

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This week’s podcast – we have Jeff Cohen talking about Amazon reviews, the right way, and the wrong way. Also some free gifts for those who listen in and engage!

Excited to announce, we have merged our corporate services division with Unipro Consulting Limited

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Coming to Global Sources show or Canton Fair? I made a page with a schedule of different events to choose from, there is more than just the fair – it is becoming networking mania!

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Starting to look for schools already for Miles. It is fierce, and getting nervous!

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