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This week: Can Faster Conversion of Farmland Provide a Solution to Hong Kong’s Housing Problem?, In Pictures: Mourners Remember Victims of Lamma Ferry tragedy, Five Years On and Largest Ever Diamond to go to Auction Previewed in Hong Kong

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Can Faster Conversion of Farmland Provide a Solution to Hong Kong’s Housing Problem?
Housing shortage has been the problem that many of Hong Kong netizens are currently facing. One of the proposals to solve that is believed to solve the problem is to convert farmland into residential land. Will it be beneficial?

In Pictures: Mourners Remember Victims of Lamma Ferry tragedy, Five Years On
On October 1, 2012 a tragedy claimed the lives of 39 people on board Hong Kong and Kowloon Ferry’s Sea Smooth and Hongkong Electric’s Lamma IV. Last Sunday, a memorial was held to mourn the victims.

Largest Ever Diamond to go to Auction Previewed in Hong Kong
A Diamond that was found in Angolan mine has been anticipated to bring a $30 million. The said diamond is the largest the country have found so far.

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This week’s podcast

This week’s podcast, we talked about traveling and how it can help you transform. Greg Diehl is on the show to give us some unique viewpoints and things to ponder. He had some very bold and interesting items to use as food for thought. Enjoy!
Traveling as a Transformation – How Living Abroad Changes Your Mindset with Gregory Diehl

This week’s blog post

All set with your Hong Kong company and HSBC bank account? Congratulations! It can be quite a feat, especially in today’s rather strict KYC – “Know your Customer” world. So, after you have the bank account, you may want to make some changes. This is where it gets a bit complicated, especially if you are living and working outside of Hong Kong.
Using HSBC HK Overseas

Finally! After hearing so many amazing things about Bangkok, the Global From Asia crew is making a trip. Since we’re heading over, let’s make a proper event. So many amazing e-commerce entrepreneurs there making things happen.
Trouble Maker provides office space, co-working space and prototyping laboratories and makes a difference by offering in-house design and engineering and a network of suppliers, manufacturers, marketers, business specialists and investors.

Guided Tour of Hua Qiang Bei in Shenzhen, China

In the GFA job directory, we always get requests for mobile app developers, full stack developers, database managers, and anyone who has the will and desire to grow their technical chops.

GFA Job Posts

Well, we just released the first episode of E-commerce Gladiator! The production time for this was of epic proportions – what we thought would take a week turned into over 2 weeks of regular coordination. Big shout out to my friends and the talented for working so hard and doing such amazing work getting it all together.
Sandor is the Founder, CEO and Owner of ElementZ Travel and IDOPT Wildlife. He’s 20 years trained in the finance industry and have been a member of large companies. Two years ago, he quit the finance industry and pursue his love for nature and wildlife.

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