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This week: Man ‘Killed by Coffin’ in Buried Alive Haunted House Ride, Hong Kong Woman Stabbed to Death on Bus in Dispute with Fellow Passenger, How Hong Kong’s Developers are Abusing Public Space and Society Charges up to HK$200 for ‘Free’ Speech by Former Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten

Greetings from Shanghai! I’m here for the CHat conference our friends at China Channel put together, and also had a pretty amazing GFA meetup here in Shanghai – our first one. To Hangzhou for our GFA meetup on Thursday, then visiting Alibaba’s campus, and then back to good old Shenzhen / Hong Kong (meetups there too)! Meetup mania, let’s say…

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Man ‘Killed by Coffin’ in Buried Alive Haunted House Ride
It’s BER-months and the most awaited Halloween is in the corner. Some parks and malls have been decorating to match with the season. Horror booth are everywhere as well. I love horror booths! The chills you feel in your skin and the hair-raising moments. Surely, most of the people are waiting for the Halloween season.

Before we participate in any event, we should be more cautious for safety measures to avoid any accidents, just like what happened to the 21 year old man in Hong Kong who was killed by a mechanical object while wandering in a horror booth house.

Hong Kong Woman Stabbed to Death on Bus in Dispute with Fellow Passenger
Have you ever came across the saying “You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to”? This should be applicable in this scenario. In our life, we almost always encounter an argument, whether it’ll be a family argument, friendly argument or an argument with a stranger. People have different personalities as well, some are calm and some are hot-headed. What if you get involve in an argument with a hot-headed person? Chances are you’ll get beaten or you’re dead.

How Hong Kong’s Developers are Abusing Public Space
Nowadays, you can see tall buildings, spacious malls and luxurious flats everywhere sprouting faster than seeds. Public spaces have been limited and inaccessible due to infrastructures. Sure, seeing a city progress is a great thing but too much for everything is a no – no.

Society Charges up to HK$200 for ‘Free’ Speech by Former Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten
How far are you willing to go to earn money? Royal Geographical Society Hong Kong have gone the extra mile for it, selling the supposedly free speech for HK$150 for members and HK$200 for non-members. However, the spokesperson of the event said that the event is free of charge.

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This week’s podcast

This week, we are talking investment! It is a topic many people are always interested in getting into (myself included) and wondering how does it start. Especially here in Asia where – during my Wall Street days, it seemed so obscure and high risk.

How Overseas Investors Can Tap Into the Hong Kong and Asia Startup Markets with Jay Kim 

This week’s blog post

If you’re looking for a place to facilitate your businesses and manage your wealth, then Labuan is an ideal place to do just that. Client confidentiality and international best standards and practices are just some of the benefits of setting up in Labuan. Check out for more advantages of opening a company there!

Setting Up a Business in Labuan

Want to talk about E-commerce with other exporters and traders? We know there is a budding community of e-commerce business owners in Hangzhou and we are excited to organize a fun meetup this coming Sunday, September 24, 2017 at 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Meet and greet with our amazing speakers, Mike Michelini and Payman Lorenzo. See you there!

Advantages of Running an E-commerce Business from Hangzhou

Frank will create a 30-Day content plan for you to post throughout a month. The content will be highly targeted to your audience and business industry. He will provide the respective caption with a call to actions and targeted hashtags for every post.

30-Day Content Plan for Instagram

Hong Kong is a financial capital of the world and a leader in Asia, browse for available job openings!

GFA Job Posts

What’s the deal, why would anyone actually want to move into Mainland China? Why would someone want to leave their home country, their roots, their friends and family, and move into the wild, wild, east?
This week, our third featured member is Russell Smith. An entrepreneur from the UK who started off selling on eBay from China, and later moved into content marketing and web design, which is what he’s focusing on now. He also mentioned he has a passion project, the Living Leaf Tea, which sells tea directly from China. Living Leaf Tea is his side project for now.

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