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Times are changing – fast. The people I talk to are moving their manufacturing more actively to Southeast Asia. Amazon FBA is getting more and more challenging for new accounts. Crypto is a roller coaster ride.

We at Global From Asia are trying our best to help you and position ourselves for the long term in these massive changes in the cross border business ecosystem.

This week’s newsletter I want to share something Global From Asia has been hard at work for many months now (technically years depending on how you count it).

Many of our readers tell me that they see us as a “China” topic blog/ website. And that seeing my move to Thailand has confused them.

Well – there was a reason when we registered this website (October 2013) we didn’t call it Global From China. It was meant to be more of Asia. Even at that time I had in the back of my mind the possibility of relocating out of China, and always thought Southeast Asia was the place. 

And the market in general seems to be making this shift to Southeast Asia. 

So how are we adapting? 

Well – we are still holding events in China – our original home – with the Cross Border Matchmaker on Friday Oct 26 (check out the details and lock in your seat now)

Yet here is what is in the pipeline for 2019.

More Southeast Asia content and events. Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam are on the radar.

And our main event – Cross Border Summit – is in Colombia, South America, March 6-8, 2019. 

We hope you can stick with us in this shift – I see it as growth – to a new level – to a global level. We would love your feedback.

And the last thing is – is still in the idea stage – but we are considering a brand change – Global From Asia is not China specific, but it is still tied to Asia. Should we drop the demographic all together and have a pure global brand. 

If you have ideas for a new name for Global From Asia – reply and let me know! We would credit you for sure for it and go down in history as the person who thought of the new brand of Global From Asia.

Well enough of that – we are working hard at putting together an amazing Cross Border Matchmaker Friday Oct 26 in Shenzhen, China – just a few weeks away and we would love to have you there 20+ experts holding round tables and making great connections.

Read all the details on Cross Border Matchmaker – and if you know someone who would benefit from connecting with industry experts in Cross Border business in China – send them the info!

Have a great day and let’s all keep making daily progress on growing our global empires.

Mike Michelini

Sent Oct 5, 2018

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