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Typing this up, yes, you guessed it, on a cross-border bus from Hong Kong into Shenzhen – start my weeks off in HK and end at home in Shenzhen.

And for those of you who make it to the – tell my wife Wendy I have been promoting it a lot, she just reads my Wechat moments, but I’m working hard getting the word out! 🙂

We have a webinar coming up on April 5th with Monica in SF talking about managing Chinese staff

Is Google another step closer to being unblocked in China?

Some factual news about Hong Kong:

Total exports value up 18.2%

Average wage rate rises 3.6%

And …

Hong Kong elects its first female leader and make her the butt of a rude joke


Be very Careful what you write on wechat

Via Andre Martin

Fake news about fake food. Is this some kinda tongue twister?

In China, consumers have to be on guard not just against fake food, but also fake news about food.

Via Andre Martin

Thought they were just hiring?

HSBC lays off 120 technology staff in Hong Kong in cost-cutting plan

To wrap up the news section with something…more fun…or crazy

This Chinese manager motivates his staff by having them tear up money, wtf??

Via Andre Martin

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How do you deal with so many languages and cultures?

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We have gotten quite a bit of traffic to this page as people are curious if Google is returning to China, or the whole Google and China relations. We will continue to use this page as a source for updates on what is happening here, check back often!

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