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This week – Taobao wars, more Shenzhen/Hong Kong merging, fireworks and more

Are you excited for 2017? I sure am, I’ve been working hard on a new course for GFA, based off years of feedback from what you all want – more advanced training on personal and business management for online, international teams – check it out – we start Jan 25, early bird pricing is on for a limited time.

And I just had chicken yesterday too…

Hong Kong reports second human case of bird flu

This businessman is hardcore, even for China business standards:

Taobao Seller Sabotages Competition, Receives Jail Sentence

However, the 34-year old, who runs an e-commerce company that checks academic work for plagiarism, has not counted on the vigilance of his commercial rival.

Via Jacob Miller

This is literally 20 minutes away from me on foot, wonder if we can tap into it?

Hong Kong and Shenzhen to partner for innovation and technology park in Lok Ma Chau Loop

Via Andre Martin 

Top China issues to watch in 2017 (Some I agree, some I wonder…)

And some video footage fun:

Here Are The Most Breathtaking New Year’s Eve Fireworks Displays

Where did Hong Kong stack up?

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Don’t want to scare FBA sellers in China, but I have heard this spreading around and wanted to get others on alert – Amazon freezing accounts for those in China without proper work permit??

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