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This week: Mini beauty apts, insane hotels, fintech & travel, and more

I will take a bit of a holiday this summer – well a weekend getaway – this Saturday and Sunday over on the “east side” of Shenzhen for some beach time with the fam, hope you’re enjoying your mid-Augusts.

Welcome to GFA Pulse #135


Business News From Around Asia

Hong Kong wants people to incorporate here now?
Tax breaks help boost for attracting more businesses here? Maybe if they open bank accounts?
Move chimes with city leader’s election pledge to lower tax rate for the first HK$2 million of corporate profits to 10 per cent, from 16.5 per cent
Via Andre Martin

When there just is no limit, money, or creativity. Pretty sweet pics in this one.
Best Of Hong Kong
11 of Hong Kong’s most insane hotel suites

Sharing economy – gone wild.
Sharing of, stools?!
they now come up with anything to share.. it begins to border on annoying
Via Andre Martin

Size doesn’t matter, right?
8 Hong Kong nano flats that prove small can still be beautiful

Moneytis is like a travel fare aggregator, but for sending money abroad
This might make for an interesting conversation topic if you want to add it to the forum
Via Matt Lubin

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

Today is another amazing one! We are talking to two US Lawyers about this new e-commerce FBA venture. Check out the hyperlink below to gather knowledge on how to structure this new Amazon FBA e-commerce business partnership.
Structuring a New Equity Partnership and Joint Venture for E-Commerce with Edward Jacobson and Gregory Segal


This week’s blog post

This new e-commerce venture we are doing live has moved to the next level – we are going to have it professionally made into a proper video series! The first show will be discussing how the business will launch its brand and first product. For more details, click the hyperlink!

Introducing The E-Commerce Gladiator TV Series


Join us as we take your e-commerce business to the next level! This is a good balance of learning, interaction with the speakers, and networking. The Bangkok, Thailand E-Commerce Meetup will be held on October 16, 2017 at 7PM to 9PM. Kindly check the hyperlink below for further information.
Planning to visit some factories in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou and Zhuhai but is not familiar with the place or doesn’t know anyone? Frankzhao can definitely assist you to make your business trips easier and smoother!

Business Trip Service

A rewarding and a long term career is what we aim to offer to those people who are seeking for a job. Come and join us!

Business Jobs

Oftentimes, we look for other people’s advice especially when we make a major decision in life but who should we really depend when it comes to decision making? It should be yourself. No one knows yourself more than you do.
Doubling Down
Upgrading your subscription to VIP also means upgrading your business! When you get as a Global From Asia VIP, you’ll enjoy a wealth of valuable information and connections: things that many have taken years of trial and error to discover!

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