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This week: Two Major Bus Operators in Hong Kong to Raise Fares by 12 Percent from Next Year, Five Menswear Items that Hong Kong Men Will Love, Hong Kong’s Serviced Apartments Ensure Shopping is Easy and Hong Kong Woman Taxi Drivers – Why They Love Their Job and How They Deal with Sexism

It is September – and just like that we are “back to school” and “back to work” – the Fall Season is always a trigger to grind as hard as I can before the end of the year. Before you know it we’ll be talking about 2018!

Get those 2017 new year’s resolutions done already!

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Business News From Around Asia

Costs keep increasin’
Two Major Bus Operators in Hong Kong to Raise Fares by 12 Percent from Next Year
Each of us has their own way to get to one place from another, some are riding their own car, some are fine with walking and most of us are commuting through bus. Bus transportations are part of our daily lives. What will happen if the Bus Operators decided to increase the fares? Surely, it will have at least an impact in our daily lives, especially to those who are under budget.Five Menswear Items that Hong Kong Men Will Love
Who says that women are the only ones who have fashion sense? Men have a fashion sense, too. South China Morning Post (SCMP) has released the top five picks fashion must have for men.

Congrats Hong Kong startups!
GoGoVan to become Hong Kong’s first US$1 billion start-up after merger with 58 Suyun
Via Andre Martin

Malls or apartments, why not both?
Hong Kong’s Serviced Apartments Ensure Shopping is Easy
There’s a saying that shopping relieves stress but what if you wanted to go shopping but it’s raining? Wouldn’t it be a double-stress? Swire properties has solved that problem for us by attaching a serviced apartments to malls. All you need to do is to get dressed and walk a few steps to do your shopping. Aside from that convenience, they have a lot more to offer!

Pretty slick!
Introducing China’s latest sharing startup: shareable luxury cars
Via Andre Martin

These are some tough ladies!
Hong Kong Woman Taxi Drivers – Why They Love Their Job and How They Deal with Sexism

In Hong Kong, there are an estimated of 40,000 taxi drivers and the 6,100 taxi licences are in the hands of women according to the Transport Department. Seeing a woman drives a cabbie is not usual to us but does it really matter whether it’s a man or a woman who’s driving the cabbie that you’re hailing? Hear the real life statement of our two women who loved being a taxi drivers.

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

This week’s podcast
This week – we are in Japan! At the RISE conference, I got a chance to catch Masaru Ikeda, a popular blogger – yes in English language – about Japan. I met him at the Media area of RISE conference and was able to get some of his time and expertise to talk about the Japan market for foreigners and for e-commerce sellers. In the episode I learned about some new cities as well as investment opportunities for those willing to venture into the land of Japan – let’s tune in.
Japan Business Overview, Which City, What Mindset with Masaru Ikeda
This week’s blog postDo I need a Fapiao?
Why in the world did our Chinese businessman, who took us out for a nice dinner, insists to the waitress for his Fapiao paper? Why does he care about it so much, to actually leave the table and go across the restaurant and wait at a special counter to receive it? Check in to find out the answers!
What is Chinese Fapiao? Do I Need It?
Today, we will be in Naked Hub, Hong Kong for our Hong Kong Cross Border August Meetup! It will start at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Complimentary foods and drinks will be served to our guests!

Going into a place that you’re not familiar with can be a bit hassle. Jasmine, a freelance Chinese-English Translator based in Shenzhen, will help make your travel hassle free.

Hong Kong – Shenzhen Cross Border Private Limo Service

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In life, we all of have a thing or two that totally scare us but if we don’t have the courage to face the fears, we’ll be scared for the rest of our lives. So, go ahead and do the things that scare you. It will be hard, it will be full of stress but these are the things that are putting you ahead.


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