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This week: Beijing talks HK, HK drone pics, dragon races, ATM face scans, and more!

Did you have your ZhongZi? Monday and Tuesday were a holiday in Mainland China, with just Tuesday a holiday in HK (how weird is it to come in on a Monday only to get Tuesday off?!). Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of June!

[Correction from Last Week – the link was wrong for the “how to get famous on Chinese TV – this is the correct link for the video –  sorry about that, thanks everyone for reading this newsletter so closely and pointing it out]

Welcome to GFA Pulse Number 124

Fun fact I just learned from this article, there are 3,250 ATMs in Hong Kong!
Hong Kong ATM users likely to get face scans in move to deter financial crime, source says
Via Andre Martin

More insights of Beijing / Hong Kong relations.
Zhang Dejiang hits out at HK independence talk on Saturday
The chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee said Beijing will not tolerate the promotion of a higher degree of autonomy for Hong Kong as an excuse to undermine the central government’s authority.
[RTHK radio audio] Candice Wong reports

More money flow border crackdowns… (I know people who have disappeared due to some of these tactics this year…)
Beijing has stepped up measures to stem capital outflows since the yuan skidded to eight-year lows and foreign reserves slumped to around US$3 trillion last year.
Via Andre Martin

While Dragon Boat Holiday was this past Tuesday – there is a 3 day race and party event happening this weekend:
2017 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival will be held from 2 to 4 June at Central Harbourfront
Hong Kong Tourism Board: Hong Kong Celebrates Dragon Boat Festival with 3-Day Races and Parties

(glad I stopped drinking beer after watching this one)
How Fake Budweiser is Made in China
[video] Another great share from Andre Martin, thanks dude!

And this one seems like I’m Playing a Tetris Video Game
Amazing Drone Photography Shows Hong Kong’s Modern Walled City

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

This week’s podcast we have Darren Whitaker, talking about amazing ways to manufacture and manage your suppliers in China. He has been through quite a bit and shares some of his experiences and well as tips and tactics on how to best source and manufacture from China. he also gives us a strategy we call “secret shopper”

One of our GFAVIP members, Karl, is relocating to Hong Kong and couldn’t find anything online about the process from start to finish. Have no fear, Mike is here! I wrote up a blog post on everything you need to know as an entrepreneur making the move to Hong Kong

Global From Asia Experts Meetup

Going to Rise Conf in HK in July? We are hosting a meetup in the evening during the event! This event and more on our event calendar here (we recommend you bookmark it! Thanks Casey Lau for the opportunity!

Market Listing of the Week

Want a full service tour of the famous Hua Qiang Bei electronics market in Shenzhen? Its a common request we get here at Global From Asia, and we’re glad to have gotten Henk from TroubleMaker to list a full day tour for business travelers on our GFA market.

Job of The Week

Geeked out behind my computer over Dragon Boat festival and made new pages for different cities in China (thanks for the inspiration from many of you on the new job directory), we are starting with jobs in 5 locations: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, check out Hong Kong’s here first.

Video of the Week

Miles, my son, turned 3 last week, and I made a video blog about it – but also – shared a story of getting through various “chapters” in our life


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