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This week: 5G in HK, Panda passing, Ikea Shanghai forbidding, and more!

Dear Thailand, the people of Thailand have my deepest regards in mourning of their king. Been busy getting back to Hong Kong and the Global Sources Smart China Sourcing Summit, with our Chinese ecommerce via HK trip tomorrow – rescheduled due to TYPHOON to Nov 18… and then Canton Fair this weekend and Chris Davey’s meetup Tuesday. October is a busy month!

Qunar’s American co-founder on succeeding in China as a foreign entrepreneur
Via Jacob Miller

Qualcomm announces it in a Hong Kong fair this week

HK becomes more Creative with old factory space:
Located deep in the wetland region of Hong Kong is a mill that stopped operating nearly a decade ago. Now – opening in 2018, it will become a creative startup incubator, thanks to a private investment worth 700 million Hong Kong dollars ($90 million).

More deaths of icons…
Hong Kong euthanizes world’s oldest panda, Jia Jia, passes away.

Fun stuff….
Ikea Shanghai frowns on elderly daters who occupy cafeteria – BBC News
Via Andre Martin


This Saturday – our team at Enter China is having its Canton Fair Meetup (check our event calendar) in Guangzhou

Tuesday, Oct 25 – Amazon FBA Meetup by Chris Davey in Guangzhou

Also our friends at Hardware Massive are having a couple events next week:

Hong Kong, Mon Oct 24 – Fulfillment with Stephanie from floship 

Global From Asia News

Listen to this week’s podcast

We have my partner from on the podcast, Rico Ngoma sharing his story on how he left Canada and moved to China, from English teacher to Sourcing company empire, this was a fun one and a bit more relevant to people trying to make the first move to China

While I do love business in Asia from Hong Kong – I felt it is time to share some of the setbacks and reasons you may not want to set up in Hong Kong. Trying to keep a balanced view on the blog and experimenting with these kinds of posts, feedback welcome!

Hong Kong Supercharged News

Our full service corporate services division here has merged with Unipro Consulting Limited. It has been a couple weeks now and already clients and our operations team have rejoiced in the streamlining and better processes, read more here.

Video of the Week

Ripping off the bandaid, that is what I heard Dan Andrews call a mastermind session, and this one last Friday was definitely that in DCBKK Bangkok, check out my video blog for insights

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