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Casey says I’m color blind? My friend, and co-host of the Rise conference, Casey Lau, returned to Hong Kong this week. We caught up – and he told me he actually reads these newsletters – very cool. But he told me something – are these emails coming to you with a pink background? It looks grey to me, or am I missing something here? Reply and let me know!

Others are also enjoying this letter, Phil Suslow says it keeps him on the pulse of Asia, even when he’s hanging out in South Africa or drinking watermelon iced margaritas in Thailand. Thanks for reading these emails.

And the battle for top contributor to the newsletter is hands down Andre Martin this week – he has been submitting to me so many amazing articles, trumping the top contender Chris Moore – the 4 below are all from @AndreMartin thanks, and others can also share!

Hong Kong’s unclear regulations make fintech sector confused.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of “Bank of the Future“, in this great fintech infographic

While Trump keeps immigrants out – seems China is issuing more green cards?

And some luggage I should use – thanks for that recommendation Andre – this inconspicuous jacket lets you wear 33 points of luggage!

Maybe I can’t live stream in China anymore? Well, I wasn’t so into it anyway, do you live stream?

And some news I found all by myself.

Ex-Hong Kong leader guilty of misconduct in corruption trial

Former Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang was Friday found guilty of misconduct during his time at the helm of the city in a high-profile corruption trial, but escaped conviction of bribery

A bit “hot and heavy” in the news – to lighten things up – here’s an obvious one, the must see in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak

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This week’s podcast is a “fat out one” where I got so excited. There is developments in floating islands in the South Pacific! We get first hand news of the government approval in French Polynesia to build a new island off the coast of Tahiti

How do you deal with so many languages? In Hong Kong, people deal with 3 on a regular basis, even more. I blog about it.

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Our Cross Border Summit is heating up! We are getting through winter, Spring is my favorite season, and we are selling tickets and getting more amazing speakers lined up – April 21-22, in Shenzhen – get your ticket now

Photo of the Week

It’s been about a year since I launched my third book “China Startup”, this photo is my son holding the first printing of it – he is growing up so fast!

Sent Feb 23, 2017

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