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This week: We are live, It’s Not Going to Get Easier, the End of an Era, and more this week.

So, now that I have gotten over being shy to do blogs, podcasts, and video blogs – let’s step it up another notch. In 1 hour, I will be hosting our first Global From Asia Live Talk Show – right from our Hong Kong office.

Have a few guests coming on, and will talk about the news in this very newsletter – learn hot to tune in (we have a few options) and other details here at

Now, onto our normally scheduled newsletter.

The end of an Era – this popular Wall Street Journal has been spreading around
via Gerard

‘It’s not going to get easier’…
HSBC boss warns even stricter regulations loom for new accounts
via Boyd Jones

And this Chinese business owner knows it isn’t going to get easier…
Mainland guy tried to bribe the girl processing his bank account opening at HSBC with a bottle of perfume!
“He wanted to make the application easier because the employee asked for more documents, a procedure that he recalled was simpler when he first opened an account with the bank in 2012.”
via Doug Pierce

Big banks embracing the coworking movement?
Or Cutting costs?
HSBC moves 300 staff into WeWork hot-desking site in Causeway Bay
Banking giant denies move is to cut costs. Experts work out shift save HK23,000 annually per person
via Chris Moore

How Apple – and the Rest of Silicon Valley – Avoids the Tax Man | WIRED
via Andre Martin

Drone maker DJI lands in bustling Hong Kong

Will you pass or fail out of China?
On November 1st – China will start grading foreigners – are you a grade A, B, or C? Hope I pass this test…
via Chris Moore

Global From Asia News

Listen to this week’s podcast

We had a different kind of podcast this week. Joseph Ng, a HK CPA for decades, shares his story on how he got into the business and what he has seen change in the industry, and HK, over the years.

Doing Fintech or thinking about it – you should consider HK as it is growing like crazy.

Hong Kong Supercharged News

We have closed out of early bird for next month’s cross border business trip, doing Chinese e-commerce HK via Hong Kong – check it out at

Video of the Week

Over the weekend, on Saturday, had an action packed day for the Enter China community – and my favorite highlight was Nick’s talk about success not being at all about luck.

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