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I’m most effective compiling this newsletter when I’m in a bus or taxi – on the move. And soon, many of you will be on the road for the Spring trade show season! The Spring season I prefer over the Fall season – it’s warming up and “spring has sprung” – and of course the Spring is when we have our annual Cross Border Summit, this time on Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22

Thank you to those listeners and readers already supporting GFA by getting your tickets early, this year will really rock!

Good read if you’re preparing to go to the Canton Fair (from Steve at “My Wife Quit her Job”)

My Guide to The Canton Fair And China’s Largest Wholesale Product Sourcing Trade Show

What to attend besides Canton Fair, Forbes has a list of 12 business conferences in China you should attend (yes – Cross Border Summit was mentioned, sweet!) – I compile a schedule of events and keep it updated each season – – if I’m missing any. let me know, I want to keep all relevant events on/around the Canton Fair on here!

Sharpen your trade show hustle skills:

17 Skills for Highly Effective Tradeshow Events

The Associated Press: Business group: China tech plan threat to foreign firms.

Via Andre Martin (@AndreMartin on twitter)

Couple shout outs to friends launching Crowdfunding Campaigns 2 cool people I know are just getting their crowdfunding campaign, if you want to check them out

Shane’s World’s Thinnest Denim Watch: GARIBALD

Heather’s OLLI – Earth’s Favorite Flip-Flop!

If you’re a subscriber and have a campaign underway, I’d love to hear about it and help mention it in an upcoming newsletter (or even blog / podcast) let me know!

Global From Asia News

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Amazon FBA account suspensions is a nightmare for many sellers. So we have this week’s podcast with CJ from Amazon Sellers Lawyer giving you tips and strategies if you get that dreaded email

Speaking about nightmares – banks are another one. I have written this blog post to help you prepare yourself before going into a business bank account application meeting

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Global From Asia VIP News

Did you know, if you get your Cross Border Summit ticket before March 31, you’ll get access to a few online workshops before the event? These are excellent speakers who couldn’t make it to the event but are willing to do a live online workshop – even more reasons you should register now for the 2nd annual Cross Border Summit, April 21 and 22 in Shenzhen, China

Video of the Week

I really enjoyed giving a presentation on “content creation, from zero to hero” Made a video blog and took highlights – specifically one about my fraternity brothers picking on me in college about it… Only 10 minutes – watch it now

Sent March 16, 2017

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