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This week: Chinese potato seeds on the moon, Club 7 experience, HK parking investments and more.

This week is event week down in south China. Techcrunch just passed earlier this week, white Collar fight nights, China business cast meetups, GFA ecommerce meetups, Wechat workshops, panels, I’m getting tired just typing it up in this newsletter.

But of course, making time for our weekly “GFA Pulse” newsletter. Actually a few of these news updates got me to chuckle.

GFA Pulse Number 127

Chinese technology is blowing me away! China now is going to send potato seeds and silkworm eggs to the moon to study how mini-ecosystems works up there? Curious about all this will turn out? For me, I have already start thinking if I would like to live up there. The cost might be expensive but it is once in a lifetime. Check it out:
China planning to send mini-ecosystems to Moon

This isn’t a joke either….
Someone just paid over $600,000 for a parking spot in Hong Kong

We call it “Club 7” in LKF
Want a Hong Kong experience? Drink outside 7-Eleven and hire ‘celebrity’ tutors

Will Shenzhen overtake HK?
This has been a hot discussion topic for a while now! Even at the TechCrunch Event, VCs are discussing about this. But it seems a conclusion has been made here:
Despite challenges, startups see a bright future for tech companies in Hong Kong
What are your thoughts on your this?

And yes, this exists:
There’s a college in China that teaches you how to become a social media celebrity

Via Andre Martin

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

This week’s podcast we have Xiaoning. She helps guide small and medium sized B2B and B2C businesses to better understand the market and successfully enter and expand into the China market.
Check it out

This week’s blog, it is all about How To Find a Quality Internship in Hong Kong? Check it out
It was a question from someone who went through our Hong Kong Supercharged program.
Global From Asia Experts Meetup

This time Matthew Brennan will be in town for TechCrunch’s first ever event in Shenzhen and then he will share his expert knowledge in a personal WeChat marketing training workshop hosted by Global From Asia.

Market Listing of the Week

Want to verify if you factory can actually do what they claim? Insight Quality Services does just that (and more) with this listing on our GFA Market  

Job of The Week

Our GFAVIP member, TRNDlabs, is seeking a supply chain operation lead. TRNDlabs is growing faster than ever before! The coming years TRNDlabs aims to continue its meteoric rise. This ambition is fueled by the expansion of the collection with new stylish and innovative products, building their channels globally and providing the best customer service in the world. Apply here

Video of the Week
White collar fight night. In Shenzhen. Need I say more – office dudes (and dude-ettes) fighting each other on a Saturday night- I had fun making that video!

We are having some of our GFAVIP member’s join in our podcast interview calls and get real interaction with our guestss, trying to innovate and give more value to our members.
Join in our membership and start connecting with others today!

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