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This week – Paypal China, Swift hacked, Chinese marriages down and more

Greetings from Bangkok – DCBKK conference is starting tomorrow and I cam early to take part in all the pre-events. If you want to see me do the news LIVE streaming, check out our 3rd live talk show at 9pm Hong Kong time (about 1 hour after you receive this email), to tune in and view previous talk shows can be found on

Paypal Can’t Ignore the Chinese E-commerce Market – Integrations grow Braintree, Paypal’s payment gateway, recently enabled UnionPay acceptance among European merchants, which could drive up business among Chinese customers that might then carry over into Chinese online marketplaces
Via Andre Martin

More Hacks in the Banking System – Utilizing SWIFT
To target their victims, the hackers distributed Microsoft Word documents and RAR archives – likely through email phising — that can secretly install a Trojan onto a target computer.

China’s marriage rate is plummeting – and it’s because of gender inequality “While the traditional practice of arranged marriage has been illegal in China since the 1950s, parents remain heavily involved in their children’s marital decisions. Many Chinese parents relentlessly try to persuade their children to enter wedlock through much-dreaded interrogations during festive family gatherings.”
Via Chris Moore

Pay with your face!
This Smart China City, Yinchuan, is letting you pay with a digital scan of your face.

Fun Stuff
Video: Cathay Pacific flies Boeing 747 over Hong Kong one last time

This guy is an amazing bar designer! He has a few in Hong Kong – one being called: Iron Fairies, his third in Hong Kong, based on a children’s book, he wrote in his twenties about a group of grumpy miners living deep underground who cast magical fairies out of iron. They have to overcome their fear of the darkness to set these fairies free into the world outside.

Global From Asia News

More great interviews for the Amazon sellers, we have the fun topic of getting your Amazon FBA account shut down and ways to prevent, or fix it if it happens with Cynthia Stine

Guest post! Karen Yau has contributed a great article for us on Global From Asia, talking about smart business traveler apps, specifically when in Asia!


October is a busy month – so many amazing events like our HK trip, as well as Canton fair meetups and more – so the best place to check that out is at where we’ll update the events and schedule as regular as possible.

Video of the Week

Last week was a long holiday in China – and I spend a lot of that time freezing up in north China in Shenyang. Here’s the recap of the birthday for grandma as she turns the big 80!

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