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This week: bitcoin in HK, belt road –> blocks, Chinese app hacking HK, and more

It’s a big world out there, hope you’re staying safe in cyberspace and in the physical world

Two billion numbers, including those of Hong Kong officials, leaked by Chinese phone app, Du Caller, developed by DU Group, a subsidiary of Baidu
Via Andre Martin

HK isn’t Helping Those Who Hid Snowden
Canada needs to let in refugees who sheltered Snowden in Hong Kong, lawyers urge
Hong Kong rejected the asylum applications for the refugees who helped hide Snowden in Hong Kong for two weeks in June 2013. The lawyers say the “solution is Canada” instead.

Chinese are getting more and more aggressive to build their own brands – the writing is on the wall – global sellers need to keep up the pace and not get too comfortable on the beach!
Via Meir Simhi

Pushing back against China’s One Belt One Road, India, Japan build strategic ‘Great Wall’
India seems to be standing back from recent Chinese celebrations of the OBOR (One Belt, One Road) in Beijing

Hong Kong … might… Officially accept digital currencies (bitcoin)– PLEASE, do it!

Making news over in Denver, Colorado, USA:
Hong Kong shoebox, coffin homes a challenge for new leader
Into the 120-square-foot room are crammed a bunk bed, small couch, fridge, washing machine and tiny table

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This week’s podcast – we have Ray Ng, my business partner, the founder of Unipro Consulting Limited, talking to us about whether we should take a dividend or a salary from our business as an entrepreneur? I think a lot of entrepreneurs here like me have all been there before: we wonder how to get the money out of our companies to pay our rent, food, beer, and coconuts. What are the options?

This week’s blog post is about reasons why you should organize a GFA expert meetup in your city as a chapter expert. Tonight we are going to have our first meetup after Cross Border Summit. The seats were already fully booked before Tuesday and we are going to hold more meetups after this one.

Global From Asia Expert Workshop

Following the meetup, on 19th May, we have Meir Simhi’s full day, Amazon Leverage workshop in Shenzhen. Check out more details about the event by clicking.

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Video of the Week

My son, Miles, is now in an “English Garden”, or what we would call in America a nursery school ha!

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