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This week: A Snapshot of Old Hong Kong, Top 10 Hong Kong Street Markets – An Ultimate Guide, Bar Review: Brew ‘n Chew in Sheung Wan – Well-made, Good Value Drinks in a Casual Setting and Society is Split, but Government Can’t Fix It, Say Majority of Hongkongers Polled

Trade show season is coming up quick, are you ready? If you’re in town, we are now offering a bus concierge service – Canton Fair Bus or just CantonFairBus .com to get the help traveling to and from Guangzhou during the season, let us know what you think – our travel agents are standing by during this busy season!

And developing news that the Hong Kong banking system may ease up with not requiring local HK residential address proof, combined with tax reductions from 16.5 to 8.25% if profit is less than 2 million HKD. Maybe someone is reading this blog and taking note, hope this can save HK business!

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Business News From Around Asia

A Snapshot of Old Hong Kong
Today, Hong Kong is considered to be as one of the busiest countries and most densely populated as well. Did you ever thought of what Hong Kong was like before? Let’s have a look.

Top 10 Hong Kong Street Markets – An Ultimate Guide
Planning to explore the street markets in Hong Kong? Then this article is perfect for you. More on like know where to buy what.

Bar Review: Brew ‘n Chew in Sheung Wan – Well-made, Good Value Drinks in a Casual Setting
A chit-chat with friends is more fun with drinks on the table. Brew ‘n Chew bar offers a variety of drinks that you can choose from depending on your preference. If you’re in the area, don’t miss the chance to visit them!

Society is Split, but Government Can’t Fix It, Say Majority of Hongkongers Polled
People are given the right to make their own decision, free to choose an ideology that they believe and are entitled for freedom of expression. As long as we respect each other’s opinion and different point of views, there should be no reason for us to be divided.

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

This week’s podcast

The investment scene is getting HOT in Asia – well, all around the world. And in our world, Amazon FBA and e-commerce, which is growing at amazing pace. So, we are excited to bring to you this week’s guest on the GFA interview series: our guest expert Murray Priestley.

Buying Online Businesses in Hong Kong and Asia

This week’s blog post

Shopify is an online tool or a hassle-free platform that helps you build your retail business. One of its goals is to keep up with fundamental changes of e-commerce over the years. Basically, Shopify has one whole package of tools you need to put your products online – from having your own domain name to putting your products in the spotlight.

Using Shopify to Grow Beyond Amazon

The China trip is a full, hands-on experience like no other. Join a group of other business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in learning about the biggest electronics market in the world – Hua Qiang Bei.

China Electronics Market Trip – Full 2 Day Tour Pass (with CBM 2017)

Claire has done quite a few market research projects including one for Chartered Institution of Personal Development(CIPD) and which helped them come up with a pricing strategy that kills.

Simple Chinese Products/Factories Directory/Suitable Media Channels/Research Report

The role of being the business assistant in Shenzhen is a very diverse position. The person should be able to work independently and creatively. Each day there will be new tasks to do and things to learn. They will meet people from around Shenzhen as well as around the world.

GFA Job Posts

Setting up a new page for this on my blog called where I will be listing special products at the time you visit. The stock will not last forever, it will be limited quantity and updated frequently. The payment will go through my company first and then I will have the supplier send it to you directly. For those e-commerce gurus watching – yes – drop ship. Maybe more like flash sales? Anyway, its an experiment.

Helping Clear Out Good Deals – Win, Win, Win!

Lorenzo is a Canadian who grew up in the south west of France. He moved to China about 2 years ago after he got a job offer he couldn’t resist. After a year and half of coaching and teaching English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, and seeing all the opportunities around him, he transitioned into business.

Lorenzo Sarwari – GFA Chapter Organizer / Paraliving Partner

Sent October 12, 2017

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