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Back full steam ahead this week, most people back for a full week of “work” for Chinese New Year – we have now cleared both Western and Chinese New Year – so 2017 can really start!

Plus it is warming up in Shenzhen, feeling like springtime already. Now for this week’s news:

Why foreign companies are shutting down shop in Mainland China.

Via Andre Martin

Cancelled deals, ouch.

China M&A: Cross-border deals worth $75bn were cancelled in 2016

China’s foreign exchange watchdog is said to have imposed most restrictions in 2016 over cross-border deals. This, the analysis said was part of its efforts to save its currency reserves, which declined by $320bn in 2016.

Via Chris Moore  

It’s dangerous being a rich person in China. Sometimes people wonder why rich Chinese invest in overseas property, maybe it’s their “plan B”.

Via Chris Moore

Trump & Hong Kong:

Protesters gather on Sunday in Hong Kong on Sunday to protest Trump

And this HK doll maker makes a $120usd Trump replica

But joking aside, HK stocks move higher due to Trump’s actions:

Banking shares largely led the gains in Hong Kong, mirroring last week’s rally in the US financial sector after US President Donald Trump ordered a review of banking regulations implemented after the 2008 financial crisis. Banks could see large savings in regulatory costs if the regulations are removed.

And, a letter for Trump, to repeal FATCA (that would be game changing if it went through)

These are some great photos!

The HK Free Press’ street photography series, part 3

No doubt in my mind I have eaten food handled like this…

[Video] This HK street cart was caught…picking up chicken wings and cooking them.

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