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This week: grandma swimsuits, multilingual police, Chinese students UK car storage ideas and more!

Welcome to GFA Pulse Number 132

I’m getting feedback on the announcement – Global From Asia is getting in as an e-commerce seller, been out of the game since 2012 – now excited to get you guys involved- learn more if you missed it – and apply !

Tomorrow I’m going to my son Miles’s kindergarten recital – life is going by so fast. See if I can get some video blog clips to share and not bore everyone to death.

Maybe Police in China Aren’t So Bad?
China seems always surprises me even though I have been living here for more than 10 years. As everyone probably is, I thought Chinese are more practical. When someone is fluent in 4 different languages, they probably think bigger. Being a cop, follow your passion and doing what you love sounds all really American to me.
China: Welcome! Bienvenue! Chinese cop wows visitors with his foreign language skills

Yangge (Chinese folk dance you’ll see on the streets of China each night) is probably the only activity I know most about Chinese grandmas! Now we are doing Chinese Grandma swimsuit competition! Feast your eyes on this!!

Look at all the amazing grandmas taking part in China’s senior swimsuit competition

Chinese Students in UK – Gone Wild! (or mad?)
One Chinese student pushed the limits of neighborly kindness to new extremes recently after leaving his car parked in an elderly couple’s driveway before going home for the summer.
Via Andre Martin

The USA government caught spying on Germany government must put a nerve on Chinese. Now, China just launch unhackable quantum messaging service. For now it is only limited to the usage of 60 people at the same time. But if they breaks this limit, I think it is going to be really huge. Check it out:
China to launch unhackable quantum messaging service

Asia market is hot!!
And not just talking about the summer heat
While lots of western brands are rushing into China market, Chinese big local players have already made some serious moves in the Asia e-commerce market. Alibaba entered the region last year when it bought a majority stake in Lazada, the e-commerce service originally founded by Rocket Internet. Amazon is now taking action to this market too!! Amazon lost its game in China market but will it beat Alibaba in Southeast Asia? I am intrigued to know the result!
Amazon prepares to enter Southeast Asia via Singapore launch

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

As a part of Vietnam series, on this week’s podcast, we bring a local Vietnamese, Nhung Truong, to give you a more authentic view of what is looking like down there and get some insights on how to better do business in the booming Vietnamese economy.

As this newsletter goes out, we will have finished our second Saigon monthly meetup on the 27th of July! Check it out here:

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This week’s blog
After introducing the difference between living in three cities in the Pearl River Delta, we come back to my old favorite city: Hong Kong. It is about what is like when spending a day there as a local (in my opinion and perspective)

After so many requests from our community members, we are finally having a Facebook marketing for ecommerce meetup and workshop in August. Book and pencil down the date for it!!
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And more perspective of doing something I thought I’d never do again – getting back in the e-commerce game! Talked to some friends and people along my travels in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

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