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This week: The Ultimate First Timer’s Guide to Hong Kong, Apple Pay Stimulates Once Moribund Hong Kong Mobile Payments Market, How to Make the Most of a 12-Hour Layover in Hong Kong and The Best Rooftop Bars to Grab a Drink at in Hong Kong.

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Business News From Around Asia

The Ultimate First Timer’s Guide to Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of the place that travel enthusiasts are dreaming to go to. There are lots of wonderful sceneries that you can enjoy. It even has the nickname of “Pearl of the Orient” for its deep natural harbour.

In 2014, Hong Kong was the eleventh most popular destination for international tourists among countries and territories worldwide, with a total of 27.8 million visitors contributing a total of US$38,376 million in international tourism receipts.

Eager to travel now? Check out the Hong Kong travel guide first before flying!

Apple Pay Stimulates Once Moribund Hong Kong Mobile Payments Market
Imagine the old days when we still need to stand in a very long line just to pay our bills, shop for the things we need and send money to our love ones? Gone are those days! With the help of different money transfer mobile applications, we can now transfer the money anytime, anywhere.

Apple products have been the most sold in the market and now they are offering a new service, the Apple Pay, easily pay with your debit cards and credit cards with just a touch. It is safe for when you make a purchase, Apple Pay uses a device-specific number and unique transaction code. So your card number is never stored on your device or our servers, and when you pay, your card numbers are never shared by Apple with merchants.

How to Make the Most of a 12-Hour Layover in Hong Kong
Layover in Hong Kong is common especially to those Canadians who are flying to Asia and the average time is between 4 to 12 hours. How do you want to spend those time? Sleeping? Waiting in the airport? Nah. Let’s explore Hong Kong instead!

The Best Rooftop Bars to Grab a Drink at in Hong Kong
Each of us has an event in our lives that’s worth celebrating for, whether it’d be a birthday, anniversary, promotion in the company, or even just a simple chit-chat with friends. Of course, most of us celebrate by grabbing drinks and celebrate it in our house but wouldn’t it be nice to have the celebration outside once a while? Hong Kong has the best places to grab a drink!

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

This week’s podcast

We are finally doing a show involving Taiwan! It has been something I get quite a few requests about – and I am excited to have Daniel on the show to discuss how he is leveraging Taiwan for PCB manufacturing, then final assembly in Mainland China PRD – Dongguan specifically, and then building up sales and distribution in America. This guy has a ton of experience working with Foxconn and Apple in the past, and shares a ton of value on today’s show.
Taiwan Hardware and Supply Chain Manufacturing Oversight with Daniel Wang

This week’s blog post

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a tool that enhances the Internet by making your connection private, encrypted and anonymous. This works by securing a network connection thru a tunnel that connects you to the Internet privately and anonymously.
How to Use a VPN in China

Are you an Amazon FBA seller, work with Facebook advertising, or looking for new ways to improve your digital marketing? This workshop will teach Amazon FBA Sellers how to dominate and boost their Amazon product sales using Facebook Ads. This is an in depth training workshop that goes way beyond the basics and teaches the latest tactics and strategies that successful companies are using to sell their products.
Instagram is one of the most widely known social media platforms, with 700 million users, no wonder why some of the business owners are using it for marketing purposes. Frank Velazques has listed his 30-Day Content Plan for Instagram. He will create a 30-Day content plan for you to post throughout a month.

30-Day Content Plan for Instagram

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a career in where the employer values you as an individual and helps you grow – here in Asia? Check our job posts and be part of our amazing team!

(from July but worth highlighting in a newsletter, as we are making this happen!)
It has been 10 years in the making – but all these years of experience and connections are synergizing together and building up a massive platform to help SME (small to medium sized) entrepreneurs from around the world to grow their empire.

Left Motivated To Build More – Grow a Global Empire From Asia

This GFAVIP stuff is no “fluff” – get direct to the “goods” offering—Michael Michelini breaks down the overwhelming process of running an international business from Asia into a regular resource you can follow and refer to again and again.

We have a member’s call this Saturday morning on crowdfunding, a live podcast recording – look forward to catching some of our GFAVIP members there.

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