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This week: Billion dollar shave, Xiaomi shrinks, Western banks leaving Asia and more!

It’s a unique time for me, I haven’t crossed the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen at all so far this week. Feels strange, but saving tons of time on the border grind.

Why the days of Western banks in Asia are clearly numbered.
Via Andre Martin

What has gone wrong at Xiaomi? In 2014 the company was a darling valued at 45 billion USD, now it’s at 4 billion. This article (and video) sheds some light..

Bad news for non-tech people! But great news for most of the readers today:
$1 Billion for Dollar Shave Club: Why Every Company Should Worry

And what’s up in Hong Kong business class?
Cathay Pacific can’t seen to find enough premium passengers in Hong Kong

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Listen to this week’s podcastHere we have a good podcast – Chris Thomas who I was fortunate to connect with last year while he was spending time in Hong Kong – got him on the show to discuss the ups and downs he has been through on his product development journey (decades of experience here, the real deal!) Listen in

Fits nicely with the article on the “Dollar Shave Club” buyout and how it’s changing the world, we have a new blog post called the rise of the International Entrepreneur

Hong Kong Supercharged News

Looking for USA sales team? Global From Asia has a new offering of US sales reps for your business, great for those of us based in Asia – Check it out.

Video of the WeekTo compliment Chris Thomas on the podcast, I did a video blog on how I have been improving my sleep over the past couple years, and would love to know how you do your sleeping habits too!

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