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This week: readers like robots, friends warnings, Chinese factory busy making this, and more

So, Russell Smith was amazed Amazon USA ships free to China – and I have to say, I was skeptical too, but the order arrived in less than a week – will be using this more for sure! Tax was prepaid on Amazon, delivered right to my Chinese apartment doorstep!

And Chi-Wai Li enjoyed my newsletter last week about the government and robots discussion, he said it made him think of the Inception star Joseph Levitt Gordon’s series here on Robots running for President (broken link )

And now, the after-effects of a Trump victory-seen from the eyes of an American blogger in Asia…
Yes, as an American I do get quite a lot of benefits, and I appreciate those.
Yet the joys of being an American overseas these days, as if being away from my family and friends isn’t already hard enough – I got this Facebook message from a hometown school friend a couple days ago (I’ll keep his name out of it)

“Mike… what are you going to do? China-USA is done. I’d be cautious even coming back to America with this maniac we elected.”

If Everything Hits The Fan?
I guess I’m planning to go to Thailand if it totally hits the fan. Well, I did name this blog Global from ASIA for reasons like this! Global From Thailand division may start sooner than expected, which isn’t such a bad thing, right? 😉

More embarrassment…
Asian Americans are getting targeted for harassment – just hope I don’t get any backlash inside Mainland China if news reports it over here.
via Boyd Jones

And on the other side of this hate, is there some kind of organized, uprising happening – reports from this Chinese factory may say so, take a look at @shanghaiis’s Tweet:

We all know Silicon Valley didn’t support Trump. Now tech founders want to spin California off into a new country.

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This week we have something NON-TRUMP related – I know this newsletter is heavy Trump talk, but it is just what my life has been surrounded with all week. So the podcast, we have a good one – Marcus Maher is back on the show talking how to manage Chinese business people’s expectations

And on the blog, we have one that my content manager, Sheryl, was nervous to post for us – but it is the reality! Doing business in Asia does not make us a money launderer!

Hong Kong Supercharged News

I launched our HK Supercharged video course on Udemy – and are running a special promotion – instead of the normal $195 – we have a limited number for $49 USD, grab it now

Video of the Week

Sorry – but yes- this is more Trump stuff. I asked a few people in Hong Kong what they think of Trump becoming president. Also got a professional clip from Tariq Dennison, with interesting perspectives

Sent Nov 17, 2016

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