Newsletter: Will the Lucky Number 8 Help iPhone 8’s Launch in China?

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This week:

Chinese toilet water, Apple vs. some “e-phones”, Foxconn hedging, and more

Just walked my buddy’s dogs, took kids for a walk – and being reminded by Tim Ferriss to get more outside as well – but it is freakin’ hot! Hope everyone is having a great turn to August and enjoying a few more weeks of the summertime.

I do plan to go to the beach for the weekend, the Chinese beach – with the wife and kids – don’t worry I’ll send photos 😉

Welcome to GFA Pulse Number 133

Business News From Around Asia

Since last week we announced the news that Global From Asia is getting in as an e-commerce seller and is looking for venture partners: we have been receiving applications. For those who are interested yet have not yet submit the application, here is the gentle reminder: the application will be closing on 22nd and we are announcing it on Shenzhen’s meetup on 22nd, August (what do you think of the name E-Commerce Gladiator?).

What are some strategies Chinese phone manufacturers use to compete with Apple and Samsung?
Did you ever hear of Transsion Holdings, a Shenzhen company? They have 40% of an African market.

Speaking of phones…
Will Chinese people buy the iPhone 8?
Well – 8 a lucky number for China – so maybe?
Or Maybe not.
In China, it seems the biggest rival of Apple isn’t phone manufacturers like Huawei, Samsung etc — but Wechat!!! Chinese people spend around 60% of the time on Wechat when on their phones – does it really matter if they are using iOS or Android?

Some analysts doubt the Chinese will pay $1,000 for ‘iPhone 8’ when they spend most of their time in WeChat

It is true – I am paying for everything with Wechat pay – fast food, taxis, even some groceries! Big brother is coming – heck it is here!
Beijing topped the list for penetration of cashless payments, followed by Shenzhen and Guangzhou in Guangdong province, and Shanghai.

Living in China for more than a decade I know exactly why China is the world’s capital of manufactured goods.
It is about market supply and demand.
But, will times change?
Did Donald Influence this?
Why America may prove to be a cheaper option than China for Foxconn

Drinking toilet water?
“dude, seriously..
are they that stupid or that desperate?
I don’t even blame the one forcing them, it’s not like at gunpoint or so..”
Via Andre Martin 

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

We just started our e commerce series and have the first episode:
We had our mentor Meir Simhi with us to answer some burning questions that our members and many of you guys out there have regarding starting an e-commerce business. He offered us some really useful insights on these questions. Tune in

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It is about balancing the life and work from my perspective. It has never been easy to do so but I am getting better at it:) Let me know how you manage to make the balance!

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