How The Panama Papers Will Affect HK Business

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This week Panama leaks affecting HK, more McD’s coming to HK, maker movement & more

April is here, the weather is finally warming up in South China! Was like a 3 month cold spell that is hopefully behind us. April is hot hot hot – both weather as well as business.

Panama leaks! My inbox filled up with your alerts, thanks so much – here’s a fewhighlights. This quote shows how it is affecting us doing Hong Kong business:

The money then took a complex route, involving the acquisition of a Hong Kong-based shell company called Time Dragon, whose parent company is in the British Virgin Islands and overseen by Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian law firm at the centre of the Panama Papers.
“Do you think someone that have hidden Gibraltar money, BVI front companies, Hong Kong banks and works for the Chinese government in with dictators in Africa should be nervous? Nah.”

via ton of people + Chris Moore

Full papers here  and Reddit is filling up with it. Also great coverage from Hong Kong Free Press, and this one was a random blog but a great post 
Hong Kong Maker news: 

Video: Inventor Cesar Harada developed a shape-shifting, autonomous boat called Protei. But creating a larger prototype proved challenging in Hong Kong, where space is limited. So he opened MakerBay, a place where Harada and his team are helping others to create and learn.

And this guy likes Scarlett Johansson, Ricky Ma from HK made a humanoid of her!  (photo series)

(you’re probably not) But If you use Tencent’s QQ web browser – you should know your personal data is at risk, experts warn

Via Andre Martin

For some fun stuff:

While business banking is going through big changes Hong Kong – the Hong Kong tourism board has started a new campaign to get more visitors:
More McDonalds anymore? 1,500 stores coming to China, hong Kong and Korea soon – 

This may be a cooler way to attract people to Hong Kong – check out thesestunning drone images of the HK cityscape!

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I’m so happy our team member Valery is in town, arriving early to help prepare for our Cross Border Summit conference next Saturday April 16! 

Grab them while they’re hot.

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Another year, another birthday – this past Saturday was my birthday – hit the big 35! Was a good year, holding 2 kids and a cake from my wife. I’m so appreciative of everything.

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