The Passing Of The China Expert Baton [podcast & feedback from last week]

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One of my favorite updates in 2019 was turning this newsletter from a list of news in the industry to a more focused personal “letter” to you each week. Last week I received quite a bit of replies and insights about my fear and loss of sleep on re-entering Mainland China for Christmas – here’s some who allowed me to share their insights.

Here’s from Alex plus a follow-up:

Here’s another from one Mike:

I love your support!

And the timing works out for this week’s podcast – TR Harrington, a mentor of mine who I have looked up to since I first met him at an SEO conference in Xiamen, China in 2009! He has so many insights about the Chinese internet, the evolution of it from the early 2000s til now. We have a fascinating discussion on the podcast.

He also left China, back in 2016 – to Los Angeles. Seeing my mentors and China experts leaving China was always this kind of shocker.

Many even said I would be a “China lifer” (living in China for the rest of my life). I never made that big of a commitment, and as the years went by, I also “left China” last year in late 2018.

And it got me thinking, this baton passing of China experts, mentors, gurus. In another podcast (not yet released) we discussed this topic of the “baton passing” from expert to expert every decade or so – the guest said he had looked up to me as that expert. Well, still does, and strives for that baton passing after his 10+ years abroad in Asia doing his business grind .

We are so fortunate to have these mentors, motivating us to take action, learn, and most importantly – execute – and I can say TR is/was one of those people. I’m lucky enough to be a mentor now for MOX (Mobile Only Accelerator) in Taiwan – where is the Co-Facilitator of the investment program, and to have had a chance to spend time with TR the past few weeks in both Taipei and Bangkok.

Now, enjoy the podcast. And I hope it inspires you to keep chipping away at your expertise, your mentors are waiting for you to develop!


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