It is About The People, Not The Politics (Great Quote + Interview)

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What an intense 2020 for sure. My wife and I were on BBC live radio last week (here’s the quick 3 min clip if you’re curious) talking about living apart during the Coronavirus saga.

Trying to think of other topics to discuss, as it is consuming my mind space as well as everyone in the industry (have talked to Wall Street Journal as well this week).

So today, I decided to pick a guest that talks about what China is really about – Devin Ehrig, a friend, scholar, and fluent Mandarin and Cantonese speaker, comes on the GFA podcast to share his stories in China.

Here’s a quote that we really liked from the interview:

And with all this mania about Coronavirus, and the Chinatowns around the world suffering and the Chinese people being avoided for being Chinese, let’s remember that quote.

Devin is also crowdfunding to turn these stories into a real book – I threw him some money and you should too.

Read about his crowdfunding campaign here.

If you have some time in your day, listen in to this week’s episode on these epic stories in China:



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Tuesday morning, we have a small brainstorming session about sourcing outside of China and planning some private member trips too.

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Deep discussion about more families leaving China to Southeast Asia.



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