So why do people use Hong Kong for trading anyway?

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Dear Global Business Enthusiast,

This week: why HK matters in trade, new cross border policies, a cat evicted in HK, leftover women, and more!

Trade show season is in full effect. Seriously can feel when its here in Hong Kong and the South of China. Things are just so much busier – and the obvious “trade show bags” of middle aged Western men with Global sources Canvas bags and a Chinese assistant walking next to them around the city. Oh the memories of myfirst trade show back in 2007.

Quick news – Stripe is in Private Beta in Hong Kong! Like, finally…!

Hong Kong Maker news:

So why do people use Hong Kong for trading anyway? Good article and like their opening sentence:

Here is a teaser for you. Why should people in China want to export goods abroad by first shipping them to Hong Kong and then shipping them on unchanged as re-exports to their final destination? Why not go direct?

Via Chris Moore  

US is saying the Chinese Great Firewall is also a trade barrier – ummm, ya!

Outright blocking of websites appears to have worsened over the past year, with eight of the top 25 most-trafficked global sites now blocked in China,” the USTR says in its National Trade Estimate.

Via Andre Martin

This one is in good timing right before our Cross Border Summit!

China’s cross-border e-tailers scramble to implement new trade rules

Andre Martin 

Rent pressures closing down some business icons:

The Rent In Hong Kong Is Too High, Even for the City’s Most Famous ‘Working’ Cat
And this, to wrap things up – “leftover women” of China. I showed my wife the video, and she said why is this any different from women in other parts of the world? Why is this special to Chinese women?

Via Chris Moore

Global From Asia News

Listen to this week’s podcast
This week’s podcast we are talking about fake products! Yes, we all dread getting caught up in an order full of counterfeit items. We have Hugo Garcia Cotte on the show talking about some of the background of why and some ideas on how to fix it – as well as his new startup’s solution!

On the blog – I vented a bit about how US policies are really hindering American citizens from doing business deals with other global citizens. You can see all my perspective, with real life examples here

Hong Kong Supercharged News

Can’t make it to this Saturday’s Cross Border Summit? We are starting a new private member’s forum – apply for early access (and a special offer when open) here

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This has been one of the busiest weeks of my life and it’s just Wednesday! Everything happening at once, trade shows, Cross Border Summit, clients in towns and bank meetings. Time to push hard all of us and take our businesses to the next level!

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