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Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading – a buddy Chris Moore sent me an article of someone stopping their newsletter. Yet I feel this newsletter here at Global From Asia is really “heating up” with a lot of great feedback from subscribers, with higher open rates and more personal replies, so thank you.

Maybe it is because I am picking sides more.

Borders are going up. I was on another call with Bloomberg Monday and Shelly is really fascinated with my story and perspective. Hope I don’t get misquoted – but she inspired me on one of her questions about my views and business lifestyle and what my family back home says.

Inspired so much that next week’s podcast my uncle will be on the show! He supports the tariffs and is against Amazon’s growth.

Funny, because her question was – if your family supports the tariffs, don’t they know this affects your business and the way you earn money? True, my uncle supports the tariffs and at the same time asks “how’s business, hope you are doing well”. It is simply not connected that they go hand in hand.

So I’m picking sides and I am getting bolder – Saturday the server for Global From Asia moved from USA to Singapore. Feel safer to have the content we put here hosted outside of USA and outside of China. You can read about our server move here and the company we picked you can read on Mike’s blog here.

I’m not picking either side of the trade war – we need to get out of both! Countries by definition want us to fit into their rules and their regulations, globally. Especially with the internet connecting all of us, countries want their laws to be pushed on the whole internet not just inside their borders.

There are no borders in today’s online world – yet these old fashioned piles of dirt want to push us to listen to them.

What side of the border are you picking?

Are you going to have arguments over the holidays with your family for picking sides? I had my fair share of that growing up to be honest!

Let’s just be logical business owners – but unfortunately we need to be at the mercy of tweets.

This is why I suggest you need to be nimble, and you need to diversify as much as you can, from supply side to sale side to business model side.

Let’s get through these uncertain tariff times stronger than ever. I wish we could just break all these borders down, I don’t want to hire someone just because they were born with a certain passport. I want to hire someone because they have a passion and a skill and a willingness to learn and improve.

What do you think?

Did you take our trade war survey yet?

That trade war survey is still collecting responses – check it out here.


Mike Michelini

Response from a newsletter subscriber

This is what we’ve hoped to be – a platform for honest discourse. We are so glad to receive a feedback from a subscriber, sharing his own thoughts on the matter.

Glad you sent this over Michael, and I did complete your survey request. That said, I want to ask you a follow up question. Is your view on tariffs based on what you think is good for the country, it’s constitution and values and what made the country what it is today or is it based on your view of business expediency?

My POV since I asked yours: I cannot stand this president and I really do not believe in our politicians. I do however support the president on a single issue and it is restructuring the relationship with CN. This is against my business interests and it is not going to be good for anyone involved in the short run from what I can understand.

As a student of economics and history combined with having done business in person in over 35 countries (not bragging, just sharing so you know where I am coming from) I am concerned about the USA and by that the liberal wests values of Personal Freedom and Liberty. I say this on one hand with the obvious problems that exist in America today and I say this from the actions CN has taken resulting in the what we see now in HK and how that does not look really that different from the Tiananmen history.

You mention about glad your server is located in a country that trys to be the new Switzerland and you chose to live in HK if I recall rather than CN. I assume you have not considered giving up your citizenship personally. Lastly, even you have/had done this, I see that almost anyone that can get their money and family out of CN to a citizen of another country does.

I of course take all of as confirmation of the point of view I expressed, which could be cognitive bias. Hence, this note to you in the spirit of understanding the nuance of your statements below.

I value what you do, I value how you do it and I have your perspective. This is meant with positive intent not to start an argument of some kind. Whatever your answer it will be appreciated and respected.

Thanks Michael. Continued success to you personally, professionally and with your awesome family!

Newsletter Subscriber

Now, here’s my response to that very extensive feedback:

To answer your question – I’m a bit radical but I’m tired of the border policies in general. I have heard the case from my family in America since I was a kid. They were not happy about my buying from China, my moving to China, the list goes on and on.

When I said choosing a side of the border – I meant I am not choosing either side. It is 2 superpowers struggling for global domination. That is why I mentioned moving my server to Singapore. I am trying to disconnect from it all.

Actually, lately I am looking to find, or even create, options for people like me – who are sick of being a pawn as a citizen of a specific country in this game of chess. I would love to make a solution where people can opt-out of both sides and join a society and community where it is based on your knowledge and your ability.

Sounds out there, I know. Maybe I read Atlas Shrugged and have lost my mind. But to base my life and business around 2 superpowers duking it out is not my cup of tea. Trying to find a way to opt out, and take those with me who are on the same page.

Hope that answers your question, and hope I didn’t offend you or others reading my letter.


Some news to share:

After the acquisition I feel that is the final chapter of eCommerce Gladiator series and I’m wrapping up final chapters on the book with the same name. Plan to launch at the Cross Border Summit with a special little gift for attendees.

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LJ Capundag

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