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This week: Linkedin founder sizes up China, Apple vs Chinese Tech, Vtech hacker updates & more..

Just a couple more days til old Saint Nick comes down the chimney here, wonder what I’ll tell Miles when he’s old enough to ask about Santa – as there isn’t a chimney here….

Thanks for those who asked me if I was safe during the Shenzhen landslide a couple days ago. I’m safe, but this news is horrible (article here). FYI I’m about 30 minutes by car away from there, didn’t feel a thing (this map shows Guangming where the landslide happened, and I’m down in the lower middle in Futian)

Founder of Linkedin Reid Hoffman spoke in China, 

and now has an article about what differences he sees in tech scene between Silicon Valley and China. Its a good one, and I honestly can say I agree with most of it!

(via Chris Moore)

Apple Taking on the Chinese Tech Titans

The money in Chinese internet is in payment….Alibaba and Tencent beating each other up to take the prize, and now Apple is partnering w/ Unionpay to take them on.

   -> This will be a fun battle to watch.

Some news updates from ones I mentioned last week….

Seems someone didn’t like that copyright act bill in Hong Kong…

It was 6 younger men, mostly in university who put off a small blast just outside LegCo…. (broken link )

and that VTech hack, seems the hacker was found in the outskirts of UK

The South East Regional Organised Crime cyber unit said in a statement on Tuesday that it had a arrested a Bracknell man on suspicion of unauthorised access to computers and data. The town, located west of London, is home to numerous tech firms.

We have a few good applicants for Shlomo and my China Business Cast MastermindX, if you’re interested you can still find the details and apply here.

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Listen to this week's podcast

Listen to this week’s podcast

Mike the Greek, talking packaging in Hong Kong mashed up w/ the rest of the world. ya, I know it sounds boring – but its funny, we talk his story too, and have a guest in the audience share…something crazy!

And here is a blog post that I probably should make an ebook and sell, but I’m asked it so often I may as well just use it as an ongoing reference – want to host in China? What license do you need? Can a foreigner do it? Read the full article – its all here. If I’m missing something, let me know!

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Photo of the Week

A new investment firm in Hong Kong is forming in 2016, I was asked to be part of it yesterday – while at their Peak duplex drinking Japanese whiskey and beers. Still simmering on the deal, but got a quick snapshot of the view while I was there

Sent December 23, 2015

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