Join Us In Searching For Shangri-La (No, Not the Hotel Chain)

Dear Readers,

Yes, many may think I have lost my mind.

Maybe that is a good thing.

And if that is what you call it – I suggest you try it – we should separate our minds from our brains anyway.

This week’s podcast is a follow on style of last week’s “transformation” podcast.

The world is changing, and last week we talked about being more grounded and grateful for what we already have in order to achieve “more”.

This week we talk about Laurence Brahm’s journey from a hot shot international lawyer in Hong Kong to traveling Western China searching for Shangri-la.

What does that mean?

We discuss in the interview, but essentially he says post COVID-19 the world needs to be more conscious of the environment, health, and sustainability. Not just printing more money to boost up a stock market.

You don’t need to quit your job or your business and travel to the Himalayas like Laurence to do that. He shares small changes in your business you can do to embrace the new world order.

I hope you listen to it, and I hope you make even a small adjustment in your mindset and your business to be more kind to our fragile world.

For me, these weeks have really been transformative and I hope it is helpful to you as well.

Listen in now:

Take care!



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