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Typing this up to some Chinese street music outside my window, keeps the creative juices flowing!

I was on a new Shanghai podcast called Limitless Laowai talking about my experiences doing a tech startup in China, I spill my guts, check it out 

Thousands of democracy supporters marched through Hong Kong’s streets Sunday in the first major rally since mass protests last year

Handcuffed and wearing black masks, a Hong Kong man accused of being a drug lord and his gang were on Tuesday (Jan 27) forced to publicly burn a US$136m stash of crystal methamphetamine after their arrests in Indonesia.

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) yesterday released the seventh annual China Press Freedom Report, CHINA’S MEDIA WAR: Censorship, Corruption & Control.

On The Global From Asia Blog
This week’s podcast we have Jason Zou, a Chinese lawyer discussing ways that Westerners can open a company in China, and FYI-  you don’t need a local Chinese partner

For the Western guys out there, I blogged about if a Chinese girl invites you to her hometown for Chinese New Year should you go or not? Have some nice photos there too from my editor Matt at BoozeFoodTravel – read the blog post 

Getting more active on my personal blog at – I wrote up my notes on the Dave McClure meetup on startups, accelerators, and trends to look out for in 2015. I learned more re-writing the tips I heard and this guy’s mind is amazing!

Hong Kong Business Supercharged book news – Got my first refund request, a bit bummed. Issued the credit right away no questions asked, hoping he gives me feedback on why he wanted to return it.

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Photo of the week: Well, if I don’t make it in business, maybe I can be a white male model with my baby!  These are the kinds of photos you only see in China!

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