Soccer Between Hong Kong & China Spurs Tempers

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MIT coming to Hong Kong, China vs HK – soccer edition, an awesome HK day/night time lapse, and more this week.

Happy hump day! Been in Hong Kong since Sunday night, my longest streak here since probably 2011! Being in Hong Kong gives off such an awesome energy. This week’s newsletter I have a few politically sensitive topics, hope I’m not offending anyone!

There’s a new Innovation and Technology Bureau for HK on the horizon, MIT is coming here, and what that means, SCMP has the answers

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Soccer + Politics….

Last night there was the much anticipated soccer match between Mainland China and Hong kong. Obviously this is during a time of extra sensitivity between the 2. The match was scoreless, but of course there are other highlights, like this that WSJ reports:

Hong Kong Fans Boo Chinese National Anthem

The Hong Kong fans were boisterous and unforgiving in voicing their opposition to the mainland Chinese visitors, at a time when political tensions between the two sides are running high. Fans wore T-shirts and held signs with slogans such as “Support Your Own People” and “Hong Kong is Not China” and chanted “We are Hong Kong” while sticking up their middle fingers, even shouting profanities at the other side.

And to add more to the political sensitivity.

Nancy Pelosi, high profile US politician, visited China and expressed support for the Dalai Lama

Now, for some more fun stuff.

This is an awesome 4 minute time lapse jumping between day and night in Hong Kong – really nice video worth the few minutes of your time.

Global From Asia News
No podcast this week. been recording tons, and may go back to every week instead of this biweekly stuff. Recording a lot of them in the new Hong Kong office.

Blogging that Stripe in private beta in Singapore – Hong Kong must be coming soon

My reasoning why it is getting harder to open bank accounts in Hong Kong, and globally.

Hong Kong Supercharged News

Meeting a lot of listeners opening up second bank accounts and credit cards. Seems to be the trend and I’ve been consulting a few people if interested let me know

Photo of the Week

Flamingos hang out with me in my mornings this week. Meditating next to them in Kowloon Park. Feel free to join me there at about 6am (days I’m in HK)!

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