Stress Children Go Through Growing Up Here (& Business in the Future)

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This week: Amazon’s Next Move: Managing Your Money?, Hong Kong Children are Stressed – and Their Parents Make it Worse and Over 60 Applicants Scramble for a Hong Kong Virtual Banking License

Greetings between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and into Nepal – third and fourth countries on our exploration trip for a new home. Thailand was the winner and still going to finish this trek. Now I am back focusing on work – one really exciting upcoming event is Yiwu, China trip with Andy Church and Insight Quality – in early September –check it out here

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This is Sirikarn (kade) from Jong Stit Co., Ltd (Thailand)
We are a leading textile manufacturer base in Thailand.Our products are 100 % Polyester. Our experience is more than 70 years. We would like to have an opportunity to be your provider of Polyester Fabrics.

Business News From Around Asia

Amazon’s Next Move: Managing Your Money?
Amazon (AMZN) is already a one-stop shop for clothes, cloud computing, TV shows and even medicine. Will wealth management be next? Managing money is a far cry from Amazon’s core business. But it’s not as crazy as it sounds.
Via Andre Martin (our avid reader and back visiting HK in August!)

Hong Kong Children are Stressed – and Their Parents Make it Worse
Hong Kong children are stressed, not only because of long hours of studying, frequent testing, and too much homework, but also because of pushy and demanding parents.

Over 60 Applicants Scramble for a Hong Kong Virtual Banking License
A total of 60 companies have already expressed interest to apply for a virtual banking license in Hong Kong as the Asian financial hub finally open its doors to the new technology, reports South China Morning Post.

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This week’s podcast

What is the right way to structure a team working remotely – all as partners? With five equity partners in five different countries, Roland and Mike discuss the challenges and benefits for how things have been going for almost the past year with the company setup.

Can Amazon compete in the Chinese market? Do they stand a chance against the already established AliExpress? Well, those are exactly the questions we are looking to answer here and in this article, we plan to look at Amazon and AliExpress and see if Amazon can hold up in a market where AliExpress has already made its name.

The Canton Fair Pre-Accelerator is the one stop solution for you to be fully prepared for your China sourcing trip.. But this isn’t just an “experience” and “tour” – this is a full action plan and implementation to get you inside the factories, with the orders ready to take action.

If you are a businessperson who wants to come to Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou and Zhuhai to visit some manufacture companies, you may need someone to help you to arrange the schedules and accompany you to find something you need. 

Business Trip Service

Job of The Week

In the GFA job directory, we always get requests for mobile app developers, full stack developers, database managers, and anyone who has the will and desire to grow their technical chops.


Currenxie made the business community diminish the barriers between trades through their offered solutions of an efficient FX and cross-border payments.

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