Talking to My Uncle: The Gutting Of Blue Collars

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The newsletter last Thursday got some interesting feedback, hope my “keeping it real” style was appreciated. Too many people on the internet are hiding their real feelings. Here at Global From Asia, as it is independently owned, I’m able to say it how I see it.

Honestly, I don’t choose either side of the border, the Chinese or the American side. To me it is clearly a power struggle for global domination between these 2 superpowers. Hong Kong, and others are pieces on the chess board with the two sides America and China.

I know it sounds crazy to most, but I want a world where the location I am born and the passport I hold will not be used as a way to classify my identity for the rest of my life. I want a world where success and opportunity in life is based on the skills and passion and effort of the individual.

Not entitlement. Not receiving something just because you are a certain “race”.

There is a growing number of people like me, living outside of their home countries, feeling like a pawn in their government’s global push for power – whether they are American, Chinese, or Dutch. It is all just an outdated system.

So now to this week’s topic – as I mentioned last week, during a talk with a Bloomberg reporter – she reminded me how I had mentioned my family supported Trump and the tariffs and how that made me feel as a business owner losing to the tariffs.

Enter Uncle Gary.

He is a very opinionated person, and reads up on all the current news. And isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Maybe that is where I learned my style of thinking, lol.

This was a fascinating discussion that I summarized as the “gutting of the American blue collar worker”.

When I was sitting at the family dinners I heard all these discussions. When I worked at a machine shop in high school, I saw the layoffs. I saw the factories closing down. I saw the industrial system of America get shipped overseas. Listening to media saying it was good for society, while my grandfather, uncles, and dad screamed about it over holiday turkey dinners.

And yes, maybe I took the road of “if you can’t be ‘em, join ‘em” and flew out to China in 2007.

So if you want to meet my fun and opinionated uncle Gary sharing why tariffs are good for America – tune in to this special show where I decided to pull a family member into this community.

Tune in here.

What I also hope to accomplish is for Chinese listeners to get a perspective of this. So many of us have our opinions based just on the media and what our close family and friend network see – but hearing the passion of a blue collar worker seeing his jobs erode and friends laid off time and time again is a must-listen to – for a balanced perspective.

Next week, I have another wild show coming up – one that a few people are saying I should shut up about – which makes me want to share it even more.



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