Tencent Wants To Make It Easier For Foreigners To Do Tech in China?

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This week: Chinese new companies want foreigners, US cracks down on CN telecom, Singapore scammed, and more!

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Top internet company in China, Tencent, has their CEO proposing to lower the entry barriers for foreigners to do internet business in China? Wonder if they’ll listen to him?


Air traffic congestion in Hong Kong and mainland China last year cost Cathay Pacific Airways HK$1 billion, yipes!

The war between giants never ends…

The U.S. government is cracking down on major Chinese telecom equipment maker, ZTE, over an alleged scheme to dodge sanctions on Iran.
Singapore victims fleeced by China scammers, for massage girls that never showed up

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This week’s podcast, we are talking cross border payments! Remitsy CEO Richard Bensberg comes on to share why sending money to Chinese suppliers can be such a headache. Also happy to announce he’ll be a speaker and sponsor at our Cross Border Summit on April 16!
This week’s blog, a people coming to the summit, s well as coming to Canton Fair and other visits are looking to get a China visa for the first time – I helped out a bit and tried to make a complete explanation and guide here.

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