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My son just turned 4, and Global From Asia is quickly approaching 5 (yes, 5 years, started about the same time Miles (my son) was on the way!). Over the years, I have worked with our amazing team (shout out to Honey Bell, Rhea, Happi, Alvin, Sheryl, Mindy, Joko, Boban, Claire, Anna, Jessa, Ray, Viena, and so many more) And of course my amazing wife Wendy for her patience as GFA grows.

We have gotten so many amazing emails from all of you. It has been touching, and overwhelming. We have written over 500 blogs, 250 podcasts, about 50 videos, 150 newsletters, hundreds of clients in our corporate services joint venture with Unipro.

Yet so many people ask me – what exactly does Global From Asia do?

Today, I am going to simplify this down to 2 things. But at the core it is this:

Help people.

Sure, every business (are we even a business, lol) says they help people. More defined as:

Help business owners do business in Asia. But also help people in Asia do business overseas.

Now, for the fun part on how we are going to do that for the future of Global From Asia.

Service Number One
The GFA Help Platform.
With a snazzy new easy to remember URL –

And we have been slowly introducing it to people and have already gotten the below help requests (feel free to reach out to any of these people if you can help them)

Seeking for Distributors and Resellers in China
We represent several carefully selected Israeli consumer brands – skin care and personal care, devices and creams/masks/etc. in these spaces. The products are well branded and established, priced for good value, with uniqueness and competitive advantages. We seek distributors and resellers in China, mostly online but also traditional offline. Thank you for your help!

Information on How to Import
Looking for information on how to import 1 piece of cooking equipment from US into China for a new restaurant. Shipping weight approximately 1,200lbs. Size approximately 125 cubic feet.

Freight Forwarder From China To Europe
Hi this is Joey from China . My company is located in GZ. We used to be agents for different companies from oversea . Responsibile for pick and pack and logistic and dealing with local suppliers . If you are interested , please contact me freely . Thanks .

Eligible Import Companies
hi, I want to ship into China (Shanghai) cosmetics. The value of the goods are around 5000 EUR, the weight is not that much…guess around 10 to 15kg. would it be possible to provide me some eligible import companies? Thanks Mark

Chinese Assistant Needed
I need a Chinese assistant that knows HuaQiangBei market well to go for 1 or 2 days this week together and help me quickly find specific audio components.

Freight Forwarder China to Europe
Co-pack shipment of electronic components to Europe

Looking For Headphone Supplier
Looking for earphone factories and a supply chain management solution

We will keep you updated as more request come in
Now for – the special offer…

Service Number Two
The GFAVIP Membership

Are you a super fan of Global From Asia? You may have been hearing about our GFAVIP program and not been totally clear what it offers. Basically – if you want even more help and connections than the GFA Help Platform above (which is totally free) you can UPGRADE to our paid membership.

Its like GFA Help with more personalized assistance (hence the VIP)- as well as the network community part of our forum and premium training courses (all in)

You can check it out at to read all the details.

Now, I am going to make a special offer for you – with the launch of the new GFA Help platform, and the start of the summer, I am in a good mood. I’m going to offer you the GFAVIP annual membership at a special price of only $397 a year! That is about a dollar a day, to get access to our amazing private community, special help, our massive collection of private member’s only training and so much more.

So celebrate the launch of our GFA Help platform and join me in the GFAVIP member’s program.

So celebrate the launch of our GFA Help platform and join me in the GFAVIP member’s program.

Join The GFA VIP Members Program Now

Button isn’t working? Click here to Join Now.

See you on the inside,

PS: This will only last a few days, offer expiring Friday at midnight New York time. So don’t miss out (FOMO is real) and sign up here

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Sent May 29, 2018

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