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This week: Data Sheet—How Etsy Stopped Tracking Almost All Its Key Metrics To Make a Comeback, Amazon and Alibaba Compete For Global Market Dominance and 4 Ways To Expand Your Ecommerce Business Globally

Greetings from the land of cross-border – shall we say chaos? Healthy chaos, growth chaos. Been deep in event planning for the summit as well as a Spanish version of Global From Asia for our Colombia / South America expansion – hope I don’t break the site as we make a big upgrade this week.

Also – Don’t forget this Sunday is Daylight Savings Day – one of the most confusing things to explain to my Chinese friends. One of the fun things about international business 😉

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Business News From Around Asia

Data Sheet—How Etsy Stopped Tracking Almost All Its Key Metrics To Make a Comeback
Etsy is a small company in Brooklyn competing against West Coast giants Amazon and eBay. So if you’re not a buyer or seller of crafts products, you’d be forgiven for not knowing it had fallen on hard times and then, as of last week, shown early signs of a remarkable recovery.

Amazon and Alibaba Compete For Global Market Dominance
Amazon and Alibaba together are the largest e-commerce companies on the globe. Together, their market cap is a whopping $1.1 trilliion. The two compete to expand their global reach.

4 Ways To Expand Your Ecommerce Business Globally
One of the great benefits of ecommerce is that merchants are not restricted to national borders in their trading. Yet trading globally is not without its pitfalls, and a little bit of knowledge and foresight can help merchants make the most of global expansion. Here we present some of the top factors to consider when expanding internationally.

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This week’s podcast

This week’s show we have the CEO and Founder of YunExpress logistics, Jack Peng. This is a company that was born from the “listen to your customer” motto so many people here but don’t always follow. Jack shares the journey of starting the logistics company as well as gives us some insights on logistics and export B2C ecommerce from China.

This week’s podcast blog post

Etsy is a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace founded in 2005 for creative people who want to sell their products to the world. Etsy is for people who look for unique products that are either handmade or vintage. It has long been known as the leading marketplace when it comes to handmade, vintage and craft supplies.

Join us in our Round Table this coming March 16, 2018 at 2pm to 6pm in Futian, Shenzhen. The main goal of the Global From Asia roundtable is to help challenge the status quo in your business. To push to new heights and break limiting beliefs. We are not trying to make these round tables massive in size, but instead massive in effectiveness for you, your mindset, and your business.
This is a way to connect quality service providers in Asia with companies around the world. Over the years hosting the podcast and running our blog, we have seen so many business owners pulling their hair out trying to find the right service provider in China, Hong Kong, and other parts of Asia to tap into the market. 
Hong Kong is a financial capital of the world and a leader in Asia, browse many openings 
Since 1991, Paul has done an outdoor advertising industry for more than 10 years in Shenzhen. In 2003, he accessed to cross-border e-commerce eBay accidentally. Paul started a business for a couple of reasons: to live and eat better, to win honor for his parents, provide his wife and children and to be able to do business with like-minded people.

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