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This week: How to Use Google Analytics to Boost E-commerce Sales, Weekly Focus: China Online Retail to Hit Trillion-Dollar Milestone and What You Didn’t Know About Online Card Payments

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Some other updates on the newsletter, we will try to cover 3 pillars going forward – e-commerce, China/Hong Kong/ Asia business, and general finance/banking. Seems to be out 3 main themes and trends you all enjoy, feedback always welcome!

And Cross Border Summit is 8 days away (April 20-21) – really came up so fast – time flies when you’re having fun. Look forward to meeting many of you there 🙂

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I have access to some stock to liquidate located in Hong Kong. Anyone interested to cooperate, let’s make a deal – check out the spreadsheet of the items here

Business News From Around Asia

How to Use Google Analytics to Boost E-commerce Sales
Since its introduction in 2005, Google Analytics has been serving foolproof data for websites in all industries. From business to travel, websites across the board utilize Analytics as a go-to tool.

Weekly Focus: China Online Retail to Hit Trillion-Dollar Milestone
In Asia-Pacific, the online grocery market was expected to hit USD$241bn (£173.95bn) by 2022, compared to USD$98bn (£70.74bn) last year, Forrester said. China would drive the bulk of sales, though, South Korea would lead in terms of market penetration, with groceries accounting for 25% of online sales by 2022, up from 12.8% last year.

Adding some more banking and finance news in this newsletter and future ones – such as: 
What You Didn’t Know About Online Card Payments
In an ideal world, once you make a purchase, your money should be instantly transferred from your account over to the retailer, allowing them to ship you the goods or service once they have safely received your payment. However, in reality things are a bit more complicated.

From the Global From Asia Media Desk

This week’s podcast

Many listeners have asked for more South east Asia content, buying and selling in the B2B space – and we are bringing it to you. This guest is our supplier in the e-commerce gladiator series – Para Living Inc – and was introduced by last week’s guest, Fredrik.

Are you getting frustrated that no one replies to your Alibaba messages? Sick and tired of going around in circles with the China sourcing nightmare? In this article, we’ll tell you few reasons why your Alibaba contract factory is not replying to your messages.

The China trip is a full, hands-on experience like no other. Join a group of other business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in learning about the biggest trade fair in the world – the Canton Fair. Visit it with experts to understand how the manufacturing process is done, and then take a guided tour of the market with local experts. This Canton Fair Trip will be held in Guangzhou China this coming 22nd of April at 10am to 23rd of April at 11:30pm.

Take a Canton Fair Trip!

Rose provides document translation services for small and mid-sized businesses Unmatched quality and attentive client service could be competitive differentiators in the language services industry. She prides herself on the value of her translation services. 

Translation Services with Rose

Work on the whole spectrum of product design tasks, including user research, user testing, wireframing, rapid prototyping, information architecture, and high fidelity mockups. Improve our product iteratively by identifying and fixing issues from business, user, visual, branding, and marketing perspectives.
David started with SF about 6 years ago. He spent most of his career at UPS and also spent a few years at HP. When he started with SF, he was opening his US business and just this past year they moved to Shenzhen and now he is responsible for international business.

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